Jizzed myself behind her on her motorbike

I had just started a new job and was chatting to one of the office women at lunch time one day about public transport and getting to/from work. It was taking me over an hour to get to and from work on the bus. It turns out the woman rides a motorbike and lives near me so she offered me a lift. I was delighted as the bus was so slow. She arrived at my house the next morning and gave me a spare helmet. I jumped on behind her and held onto her waist. The saddle on her motorbike sloped down towards the tank so fairly soon i found myself sliding forward especially when she braked. It wasnt long until i was pushed tight up against her leather bum. Then i noticed myself get hard and really turned on. The longer i was behind her the more excited i was getting. Then suddenly i could feel the pressure building in my cock and bang....i jizzed myself behind her on the bike. Ive gotten a lift from her for the last two weeks and have cum behind her every time. It certainly makes commuting to and from work very enjoyable!

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  • Bikes can be pretty sexual for us girls. First time i got a ride on a bike the vibrations got me quite aroused. After being a passenger for a while i decided to get my own bike for traffic reasons. I often get aroused on the way to work and need a change of underwear. I have reached orgasm before, but it's very distracting on a bike. I wear leathers partially as it's an excuse to wear something i look good in. I spent ages finding an all in one suit that fit well. It's like a leather cat suit and it really shows my ass off. I have had guys on by bike and on occasions they have looked like they were hiding an erection when they got off. Not know a guy cum on my bike as my pillion but kinda hot if I'd made i guy cum just like that.

  • Thanks for your reply to my confession Gem. Its nice to hear from a girl who rides a motorbike and has had guys get horny behind her on her on the bike too.
    Im still getting a lift from the biker girl in work and still jizzing myself behind her. She even gave me a lend of an old pair of her leather which is horny as we are both in full leathers on the bike now! I reckon she gets horny on the bike like you as she kind of grinds and bounces on the saddle a lot especially when we are maneuvering through traffic. Im afraid to say anything to her as the lift to and from work is amazing.....in many ways :-)
    By the way you sound very hot in your tight leathers on your bike. Id love to jump on the back of your bike behind you some time and the two of us orgasm :-)

  • Hey, sorry for not replying how rude of me. I love riding my bike and having a passenger. So as long as you are a normal guy, happy to give you a ride ;) (i mean on my Ducati) and don't worry if u spunk your pants, i can't say i didn't know that might happen lol
    This feels like a weird conversation. I know at work i am associated with my bike and leathers, and i love hearing people refer to me as the hot biker chic, but no one at work knows the real pleasure the bike gives me. It's nice to talk about it anonymously. Gem

  • Thats hot. Id love to ride on the back of a biker chicks motorbike especially if she was wearing leathers.

  • Youre a very lucky guy. I rode on the back of a girls motorbike once, years ago. It was such a horny experience. Would love to do it again!

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