Motorbike passenger

Im a 46 year old divorced lady. I recently started a new job. I had been driving my car to work but found the commute was taking about an hour due to traffic. I ride a motorbike too so decided to start using the bike instead. The first morning i arrived into the office in my leathers i could see all the heads turning! One young guy in particular seemed to be particularly interested in what bike i rode etc. In fairness there isnt that many biker women around where i live so it is a bit unusual. A few days ago we were chattting and the bike came up in conversation. He asked if id take him for a ride on the bike sometime. Ive never taken a male passenger on my bike before, only women friends. I kind of like the idea of having a cute young guy behind me on the bike but im not completely sure taking a male pillion.

7 months ago

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