Motorcycle ride

So my car broke down a few weeks ago and I was finding it hard to commute to and from work on public transport while my car was being repaired. A woman who works in the same office as me offered me a lift as we live fairly near to each other. Thats handy you might think....only thing is she rides a motorbike to/from work. I was a bit reluctant at first to accept her offer but i was struggling to get into work on time using the buses. She is in her mid 40s and not really much to look at so i wouldnt say there was any sexual attraction to her on my part. She wears a full set of leathers which i had noticed her in before and did find sexy.
Anyway she arrived to my house the first morning and gave me a spare helmet. I jumped on behind her. There is no pillion handles on her motorbike so she said to push up close behind her and put my arms around her waist. I did as she said and off we went. I was a bit nervous at first but soon relaxed. Then i noticed myself getting turned on and hard. I think it was a combination of the vibrations from the bikes engine and being pushed up against her in her leathers. The saddle on her motorbike slopes down towards the tank so when ever she braked or slowed down, id ended up sliding down closer against her ass. By the time we got into work i was pushed tightly up behind her and i was rock hard. How was i supposed to get off the back of the bike now without her noticing my hard-on? I tried my best to cover it up but it was impossible. Just as i jumped off the back of the bike she turned around, opened her visor and asked how i was and if i enjoyed the ride?...the last word and just left her mouth when she glanced down and noticed the big buldge on my jeans. "Wow...well i can see you enjoyed that ride anyway. I thought I noticed something poking against my bum alright" she said and winked at me. I was very embarrised but she said it wasnt a problem and liked that i found being on the bike with her sexy and that i got turned on. I got a lift from her for the next few days until my car was repaired and every time id get a big hard-on behind her on the bike. Im thinking my car might break down again soon so i can get a lift from her again

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  • When my husband and I were first dating he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his bike, he showed up on this black, loud thing but it did look nice. I got on behind him and off we went down the road and about ten minutes into the ride I would have sworn there was a vibrator in the seat. My knees were up and I was leaning forward to hold onto him so I was pressed right against the seat, I just knew by the time the ride was over there was going to be a big wet spot right in my pants.

  • Wow really? I did notice a bit of vibration coming up through the saddle when i was on the back of the bike. I would have had to lean forward a lot for it to be vibrating against my cock....maybe I could try that the next time i get a ride with my lady biker friend. Do you think she'd notice? :-)

  • I was given a ride by some lesbian bikers on Harleys. Except they took me to their clubhouse and did nasty things to me and took pictures then blackmailed me too. They made me their bitch for a whole weekend.

  • I worked with a lesbian, she became a good drinking buddy, football fan.
    After one game i said, like I would to a buddy, 'fell like calling up my old GF and get laid' . She says save the dime and the ass kissing -- i'll fuck you -- what are buddies for? I'll fake a real good orgasm too-- just like a whore -- and it only cost you a beer.
    She actually liked to fuck, said she makes believe I'm a girl with a strap on. We did it 20 times in all.

  • I bet your fucking ass that after I fucked her, she wouldn't want anything but my cock fucking her big shit hole and her wet twat sucking my stiff love rod. If I had a women that liked to just get pumped-fucked she would be so full of semen she would cough sperm all over her bitches wet pussies.

  • She's a pretty girlie lesbo -- loved fucking her. She loved it too, think she's closet bi.

  • Whoaaaa!! Sounds like a bull dyke. Watch out

  • Wow thats hot. Id love to ride on the back of a hot leather biker babes motorbike.

  • When i was 16 i had a summer job in my neighbours company. She used to give me a lift to and from work every day on her motorbike. She used to make me sit up really close behind her and hold onto her (i think she was afraid id fall off). I always got a boner behind her on the bike. I hated the work but the ride to and from work was sexy.

  • I used to fuck my gf when I had a motorcycle 25 years ago. I used to hit the farm lanes off the highway. Set the center stand on the plank I had in the saddle bags. Lay her over the seat and tank and fuck her for ole glory. On the kitchen table and the counter top at my apt. Her father did not like me at the time and told her not the see me. My ex wife worked at the nursing home his mother was at. After he found out she was full of shit, it was okay for his daughter to date me. Then she dumped me and moved on to? The memories.....

  • You should ask her if she can take you for a ride on your days off of work. Have her go to a nice secluded area where you can fuck her on her bike. I fuck my old lady on my Harley all the time, set the throttle stop at about 3000 revs so she's vibrating good, it's awesome.

  • Do her flabby tits flop around?

  • Yeah thinking of asking her if we can go for a ride on our days off alright. Would love to find a quiet spot somewhere and fuck her from behind while shes sitting on the bike.
    Might ask her if shes free next weekend :-)

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