Biker wonen fetish

I'm a 30 year old male who has a massive fetish for biker women. I get really horny at the thoughts of getting onto the back of a motorbike behind a woman especially if shes wearing leather! Recently my fetish came through when I managed to get a pillion spin with a leather clad biker woman! I saw an ad online for a moped that was for sale and it had a "lady owner" I rang the number and pretended to be interested in buying the moped and organised to meet her. She was selling the moped as she had bought a motorbike. I had a good look around the moped and after that we started talking about her new motorbike and I pretended to be fascinated by it saying I'd never been on a proper motorbike before. I asked was there any chance of her taking me for a spin on it? I couldn't believe my luck when she said "yeah sure, why not, I have a spare helmet that should fit you." She said she'd just get into her bike gear - a few minutes later she arrived out in a full set of black leathers and a spare helmet for me. My dick starting throbbing just looking at her and knowing that I was about to go for a pillion spin with her. I jumped on the bike behind her and slid up nice and close behind her. I asked what should I hold onto? She said "better hold onto me" and off we sped. It was glorious holding onto her leather clad hips. I was so turned on. I never thought I'd be able to cum without some type of physical stimulation but I was wrong. Within a few minutes I had jizzed in my pants. It was such an amazing feeling. It was a really relaxed orgasm as there was no physical effort - I was just so turned on that I cam. Even after I cam, I was still really enjoying being on the back of the motorbike with her. Only that we arrived back to her house I reckon I might have cum again. Getting off the bike, I really hoped that the wet patch on front of my jeans wouldn't be obvious - luckily enough it wasn't to obvious and I managed to hid it by pulling my jacket down and holding the helmet in front of my crotch! We chatted for a little while and I said I'd think about the moped and thanked her for the pillion ride. If only she knew how much I enjoyed it!!!!

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  • When I was 19, I was at a crowded street party in my city and there were several bikers there, men and women. A couple who looked to be in their 40's walked passed me a couple of times but no eye contact. He was tall and wore the vest and she had on a pair of tight Levi's and a black tank top. She had her hair on one braid in the back and a doo-rag on top. I found her hot. Her arms were muscular and her tits were big. Later, I felt someone grab my ass and squeeze it. Just then, the woman and her man walked by with her closest to me. She looked at me over her shoulder.
    The only thing I could think to say was, "Hey!"
    She broke away from her man who turned toward us. She walked toward me like she was squaring off to fight me.
    "Yeah?" she asked, looking at me square in the eyes.
    I panicked, thinking, "She's about to kick my butt!"
    "Nothing.....sorry." I said and she smiled and turned around, going back to her man.
    Not only was she great looking, she was tough and in control.

  • I had a summer job in my friends parents company when i was 17/18. Sometimes id get a lift from my friends mom on her motorbike. She used to wear full leathers. I always got a raging boner behind her on the motorbike. One time she had to do an errand on the way home so i ended up on the back of the bike for ages with her. The road was also very bumpy so between the extra time sitting behind her and the bumps i ended up jizzing myself. To this day she still doesnt know about it.

  • I'm a biker chic with a Ducati that gets me wet when i ride it. There was another post i replied to, are you the same guy?

  • That's so hot! Love the Ducati and would love to know what you look like

  • Thanks for your reply. Haha, yeah im the same guy! Think you said you wear full leathers on your bike too?

  • Yes i have an all in one. I spent ages getting one that was tight but comfortable so it looked like a cat suit meow
    I have had guys on the back get hard so you are not alone. Been a bit hot and sweaty riding in the heat recently, you probably didn't want to know that

  • Your all on one sounds amazing. Would love to be on the back of the bike with you holding onto to you in your leathers. Id definately be rock hard.
    Thats the only thing about leathers, you get very hot and sweaty in them but thats kind of sexy too. So where abouts are you from?

  • I live in London, Hbu? I'd happily give you a ride (on my bike) assuming you were a normal guy, albeit with a leathers fetish. After a ride on a hot day i look like i have just been for a run (i guess some find that body gleaming with sweat a sexy look, i guess i do on hot guys)
    I wouldn't have any biker wear to lend as i am slender so they wouldn't fit a man.
    Is it the vibration or the fetish and being so close to your fetish that gets u hard or makes you shoot in your pants? For a woman its pretty obvious, a throbbing engine between my legs, and I'm pretty sensitive down there, so it makes me wet pretty easily, cum even some times.

  • Im in ireland myself, just outside dublin. Wow id love to get a ride from you...on the back of your bike. I promise im normal, well once i keep taking my tables (only joking)
    Its everything that excites me. The leather, the motorbike, the vibrations from the engine, especially if its being revved! Holding onto a leather clad biker girl. Just having my crotch pushed up against a leather clad biker girl is such a turn on. Speed bumps are great as it results in lots of bouncing and grinding together on the bike.
    Must be a bit distracting for you getting turned on while riding and even cumming as you need to concentrate on riding the bike? Do you think most biker girls get turned on while riding thier motorbikes?

  • I have a Harley a big 103 cubic inch thumper and my GF averages for the first 10 miles a orgasm per mile then it starts slowing down loves it when I shift gears for that gets her off big time.

  • I think most girls / women will get a bit aroused with a throbbing engine between their legs, but few would admit it made them wet. I find it very arousing, and get very turned on / wet, but i love it. It can be very distracting, i have been on a ride and been very aroused and close to cumming, and have rocketed of up to 90 just getting the vibrations from the revs, so i can achieve a small orgasm. Bit naughty lol.
    Good job there's nothing to show with girls, i could imagine a guy pulled over for speeding, stood there with a hard on lol.
    I'm sat at my desk at work, and i am looking forward to my ride home, feeling a touch horny tbh.

  • Thats hots. Id love to ride on the back of a biker chicks motorbike and get horny behind her.

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