Motorcyle ride

Im a 17 year old guy. I work for a neighbouring family in thier manufacturing company. The wife gives me a ride to and from work some days on her motorbike if her husband isnt going into the office, otherwise we all travel in his car. I love the days i have to ride on her motorbike. Its a sports bike and she wears full leathers! She gets me to sit up really close behind her and hold onto her (i think she is afraid i might fall off). I always get a boner behind her on the bike and very turned on. Id love to cum on the back of the bike with her. Ive been close to climaxing a few times but never actually jizz myself.

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  • Grab her tits next time you hold tight and then tell. Her one more bump you wouldve came with her ass in front of you

  • I dont think she'd be too happy if i grabbed her tits and her husband definately wouldnt be happy if he found out!
    I think i might tell her i enjoy riding on the bike with her and ask her if she will take me for a proper blast on fun, twisty roads and not just the commute we travel to/from work. I reckon i might blow my load behind her if she is riding the bike hard and there is lots of bouncing and movement between us!

  • You better fuck that hot bitch before you lose your ride , next ride use her tits to hold on , nyc

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • So you are her bitch on the back of her hog? Funny

  • Well its a sportsbike but yes, i guess i am her bitch but its sexy holding onto her in her leathers and by boner rubbing up against her!

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