Exposed and excited

I've always looked for chances to expose myself in front of females in a nonthreatening way. My best experience was when I was in college. I lived on the lower floor of a two-story house. It was a warm spring day, and I had the main front door open to allow a breeze through the screen door. I was home alone and had just taken a shower when I heard voices outside. I looked down the hall out the front door and saw three high school-age girls standing on the sidewalk by the bus stop. They were talking to each other, waiting for a city bus. I decided I would try something, so I stripped naked and put my towel over my head, then strode out of the bathroom, took a few slow steps down the hall then turned into the front room and quickly into the kitchen where I could hear their reaction. My heart was pounding inside my chest when I heard one of the girls say, "I just saw a guy walking in there naked." Another girl said, "Really? How much could you see?" The first girl replied, "Everything!" Now I'm not huge, but when limp my dick hangs down about three inches. I waited for a second, then turned and walked back down the hall and back into the bathroom, then stood and waited to hear what they said. The first girl said, "Hey, he just walked by again!" The second girl said, "OK, I'm gonna stand right here." It was obvious she was going to try and get a clear view into my house. So, still with the towel on my head, I walked back out of the bathroom and slowly moved down the hallway, giving them a full frontal view. I stopped for a few seconds and made like I was using the towel to dry my hair. Then I slowly walked back into the front room and waited to hear their reaction. "Oh wow!" the second girl said. "Did you see that?" The first girl said, "Yeah, see what I mean?" The two of them were talking about seeing my cock, saying things like, "That was a nice view," and "Nice looking dick." I think it was the third girl that said it was the first time she ever saw a guy naked. While I listened to them talking about my cock I began stroking myself and within a couple minutes I was shooting a hot load on the kitchen floor. I heard a bus pull up and, after I cleaned up, I looked out the kitchen window and they were gone. Many times I have imagined what could have happened if they had remained, maybe rang my doorbell, and I imagined myself answering the door naked, letting them see me close up. Unfortunately, I never saw them again. But what a great memory!

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  • I used to drive around and expose myself to girls all the time. I have done the same thing in many different ways. I was fortunate a couple times where they would actually watch me and even talk to me while I jerked off that was down by the river.

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