Help with having mixed raced children ???? in the UK ????

I am a very well hung man with a BBC. I live somewhere nice in England ?????????????? in the UK ????.

I am married and I don’t have any child yet after 10 years of marriage. My wife promised me 5 children before we got married. She already had a son from her previous relationship. I am a very hardworking black man. I am super fit, nice butts and a very well sculptured natural athletic body. I am well hung and I fuck better than most porn stars. My wife begged me to marry her the very first time I made love to her when were dating many years back. I had many lovers back then and she fought them all off. I am happily married apart from being very sad because I am still childless. I have seen my GP who recommended sperm tests. I did 2 different sperm tests and I am fine and my wife said her tests with her GP is fine too. So why can’t we make a baby? I fuck her everyday. Many times a day sometimes. At least one before bed time and one in the morning. I have tried everything and I am very desperate right now.

I even subscribed to websites looking for coparenting so I can have a child outside marriage in secret as my wife doesn’t support using donors to make baby artificially.

I am approaching mid 40s and I don’t want to miss out on having my own biological dad. I love being a dad to my step son and I do a very good job at dad. He had his dad and spends time with him, I have a feeling my wife doesn’t want to have another child as she complains about not wanting to go through the baby thing again and that I will practically do all of the hard work of raising our child if she becomes pregnant which I agreed to.

My step son on the other hand wants to be an only child and told me to use a condom ?? with his mother. My wife told me this. My step son only confirmed that he doesn’t want any siblings.

I need help with finding a genuine adult white female(s) in the UK ???? who wants to have a mixed raced baby with me. The baby will bear my family name. I want to be recognised as the biological father and will only procreate via natural insemination (consensual sex and ejaculation) Any advice how to meet real people and not time wasters or females using me for just sex?

I do not want to divorce my wife. It will destabilise my step son who is doing very well at school and with his life right now. I don’t want my personal desire to affect his future or emotional growth in anyway.


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  • If you've been married to her for ten years yet don't even know where you live, you shouldn't reproduce. Learn how to better speak english, actually bring in money and not welfare checks, and maybe she will want to have some kids with your ass

  • Fuck you racist retard! I pay the bills I work very hard and I am not on benefits. I have never collected a tax refund. I make more meaningful contributions to the British economy than you ever would. I bet the whole of your family feed yourselves everyday because of hard working black people like me who pay our taxes so you low lives can enjoy your racist rants out here. Go get a life with if you are way too unintelligent to make meaningful contributions out here. And I am sure you are a skin head imbred from the USA 🇺🇸 that is why you assume every black person are on welfare. We call it benefits in the UK 🇬🇧 where I live. And I live in one of the most prestigious roads in the whole of the UK.

  • Leech

  • Leech? Why did you leave that comment?

  • Are you sure your wife has been honest about trying to get pregnant as well?

    You need to share how you are feeling with her.

    Any maybe instead of fucking every day, try to hold off until she is ovulating.

  • Maybe she hasn’t been honest with me about getting pregnant. She got angry once when I suggested that she wasn’t taking it serious like I was.

  • I have been doing all of that for almost 10 years. We spend quality time together and we talk. She once talked about adoption but I prefer to have my own biological child first. I have nothing against adopting a child but I want mine first. We do it before, during and after ovulation so that’s not a problem. It just didn’t happen for me.

  • My wife's been bred a couple of times, I could speak to her?

  • I just want to become a father that’s all and I am genuinely serious.

  • Are you serious? Is this ok with you? And would I be able to give the child my family name?

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