My wife and Dad

I want to tell you about a relationship sexual one that are between my wife Janice, and my father and my name is Jeff. For years, my father and mother are used to go out to dinner mid week always just a break the Peter I had another life together when my mother started getting sick and couldn’t go out anymore. My father decide I want to go on my own I want a partner additional unfortunately, my mother passed my father try to keep up the same routine by going out by himself. He was very lonely and he wasn’t happy anymore. I suggested why don’t you have Janice not here she’s always up for going out for dinner and he said you think she would as well as go ask her so we have her hair. Would you like to have it in every week that it really like to go out as a break up the monotony of being alone, but doesn’t want to do it by himself anymore , she was agreed to it and was a start going out with him this week and she asked me what am I supposed to wear your casual work? I should wear a nice one of your holder dresses with a nice pair of sandals that now it’s warm out the weather is changing. I think that he will be looking S you look great when you dress like that she said yea , that’s OK there’s nothing wrong with that you got great tits so it was time for them to go out. We’re waiting for Janice to come down to see what she look like when she came about you look fantastic. She got a nice tan from being outside by the pool and she had on her a little heel sandals, and the dress that wonderful halter dress. The best part was that when she went down to fix one of the straps on her sandals, that dress top opened up, and both my father and myself had a great view down on her tits, including her nipples that didn’t say anything but I think it was really happy to have her go with him so that only one has had a car that she got in on her side and he got it on his and she was gonna put the seatbelt come on and my date for tonight he got to sit next to me, so she did so well if they want just a little talk or go on go to the restaurant again he commented on how great he looked and how happy he was to have company Again, they had a nice meal and afterwards cause I was literally in a good ride by the beach just sat in the car and looked at the waves. My father started sobbing, and Janice I asked him what was wrong. He said I’m just missing Patty so much and I’m all by myself. I have no one anymore and she said no that’s OK you have me, and then he she gave him a little kiss on the cheek that made him feel better as routine went on for a few months and their relationship was very very close. He kind of started calling her his new wife she left I said yeah but without the benefits ha ha he told her Janice and all this is wrong for me to say, but I really like to get some of the benefits with you, she just smiled and said will see Shirley afterwards. She’ll she came to me and said I think your dad wants to fuck me I said what do you mean well we’re gonna talking and he say like you’re like mine my new wife but with all the benefits of being my wife, and then I pay them and say well, maybe that can change so I asked her point-blank Janice do you want my father to fuck you and she said are you? I don’t want to hear you’ll be mad no please tell me and I said yes I do I was your father like Winn so let me say here I don’t fuck you I want to see your tits and your pussy are you gonna suck his cock , in your die, always suckers yes OK there was an agreement that was made between the three of them. He could have the benefits of her of Janice as long as he doesn’t tell anybody, however, I had one requirement that when they were allowed together in a hotel wherever they were and she was nude that he has to take pictures of her and I want her to send me those pictures my copy frames half and for her and I really want him to do something but I can’t tell Janice. I went and talk with my my dad and said hey dad now this is going to change the relationship between all of us to be honest I’m excited about it. I’ve been trying to get Janice to possibly sleep with somebody else for a long time and she would know the requirements I have is that When you go out and you’re gonna be late you’re going to get a room it Hass to be during that time frame when she is ovulating so you can knock her up

May 2

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    • My husband has no idea that while I was in college I was hooking up with his dad before we even met. Started at the bar, I knew he was married, I was really playing with his emotions at first. But then it turned to sex. For those of you who are wondering, yes his father is better in bed, yes we hooked up again right before the wedding, no we haven’t hooked up since, but we do kiss hello and goodbye on the lips, when no one is around we do cuddle, nothing more

    • Punctuation is the key to a successful story. Lack there of made this difficult to mastrubate to, but I tried. Good try!

    • Proper spelling is as important as punctuation. But you tried at least. Try again.

    • :-)

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