I want to share nudes of my wife

She doesn’t know.

20 days ago

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    • Send them I’ll send you my wife michaelbrandon720@gmail.com

    • I'd love to see them. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • I spent all night printing color copies at my work, must've used five things of ink. Printed about a thousand of my wife. At 9am went up to the roof and tossed them off, fluttered all over the city. I'm old school that way.

    • A co worker (Lynn) cried to me she found nude pictures of a neighbor lady (Jill) in her boyfriends Jeep. It's a small town. Lynn is hot, Jill is chubby and ehh. Told Lynn she's his side fuck probably -- here's what you do. Some are X rated -- take and R rated titty shot and make 20 copies. I loan her my staple gun. Post them all over her neighborhood "get your own boyfriend, Lynn" written on. She thinks Lynn recovered 10 or 12, For awhile one was re posted in the pub's mens room

    • Classic!!

    • So share them!

    • See at :

    • My hot wife Amy never let me take nudes, her GF's nudes fell in the wrong hands.
      So last year she's naked, getting ready for church and she's trying on masks in the mirror "blue or white?" -- I say how about a picture with your face covered?
      Said sure. And she starts posing like she's in Playboy. Why didn't I think of this 5 years ago? Back from church (sun. is our fuck all afternoon day) I say how about we make a mask on porn? Sure she says again. I must have 500 nudes of her and 6 porn. We are making a porn about a month ago, (i'm wearing a bank robber's mask) the foreplay part, she's all hot, and I hold back, knowing she'll suck my dick when I hold back. She takes the mask off and gives me a blowjob.
      She comes too 5 minutes later. 'OMG the camera caught my unmasked BJ! Delete that right?" Sure Amy, I lie. Now I have a vid of Amy sucking off a bank robber. An also my first unmasked nudes of her.

    • My buddy Bob hits on Amy a lot, behind my back. Amy has a love/hate thing with it. She feels better telling me, don't think she'll cheat -but sorta like competing for my own wife -- weird i know. He's better looking than me -- a little worrisome and he bough Amazon at $10. He's better than life insurance. If a truck hits me, she'll have a new rich husband. -- she does like him-- So anyway he has a 63 Corvette coupe. I told him about the BJ vid and he begged for a copy. I told him no copies but I'll loan it to him for a weekend with his Corvette. He'll probably make a copy but at least from my end it's unauthorized. Out this morning beating it like a rented Pinto. Joy riding with Amy later, maybe she'll take her top off -- it's hot and there's no air -- she often does on back roads

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