As a lesbian, she considered herself just one of the guys. She never thought they saw her sexually and thought she was free from their escapades with other, dumber girls. She even played along, bragging about how she could bang more girls than they could without trying. She lived alone and rarely kept a girlfriend for long.
One night they drove her home after she had too much to drink. After fumbling with her keys and opening the door, they followed her inside. She giggled as they undid her blouse and she pushed their hands away.
“I’m not that drunk, I can do that myself.” She said, uncomprehending of what was about to happen.
One of them pulled her close and kissed her. She seemed surprised but didn’t pull away. They pulled off her top the rest of the way and freed her breasts from her bra.
“Wait-” she managed, but it was too late. As the guys she counted as her best friends pawed at her body like a pack of lions she found herself unable to resist. When they laid her out on her own couch and presented her with their hard cocks, she recoiled, but they held her head fast and when they pressed their cocks against her lips she felt intoxicated by their manly musk and the alcohol she’d been drinking. She opened her mouth to allow them entrance and experimentally licked and sucked their cocks while they played with her tits and striped her the rest of the way. She moaned as she felt a tongue lapping at her wet pussy, and gasped when she felt a cock push into her for the first time, taking her gold star.
They fucked her for hours, on the couch, on the floor, eventually picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom so they could fuck her there. They filled and covered her with cum, and she felt herself orgasm more than once through the night.
After that, she felt different around them. At first she thought she felt unsafe around them, but when she found herself sleeping with each of them separately night after night and falling into their embraces and welcoming kisses, she realized she felt unsafe without them. Gone was the tough independent lesbian who picked up girls at the bar, replaced with a cock loving slut to her friends. Even though they fucked and used her roughly, she still felt loved and loved them back.

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