Close as I can get

When my sister in law's family go out of town I am always asked to mind their dog. They live closeby and it isn't a big deal. What I like is that the house is empty and I can snoop around. My favorite thing is to go in her laundry and dig out her dirty panties. I take them to the bed and lick and smell them for a while then I put the crotch of one in my mouth and wrap another around my dick. I masturbate like this and cum in them. If there are a few pair I'll stick one in my ass. Many times I put the cummed on pair in her drawer and dream about my cum so close to her pussy and ass. She has a beautiful round ass and I know they ride up in her asscrack. My cum right up in there rubbing her asshole and pussy. I'll never get to fuck her so I do this whenever I can. Its the next best thing.

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  • Meghan markle and harry are a pair of old dinosaurs compared to my youth and beauty. old faggs they are. she looks ugly in that white bodycaccoon dress it looks disgusting with a fat gut prego pigs gut hanging out of it. my pussy and face is pure and sweeter then hers. she thinks she pretty. she should see me when I am looking my best ever.

    they probably live like the flintstones and eat kids like a dinosaur Illuminati ; ( reptilians probably need to go there after dark to fuck the dinosaurs and do depraved rituals . wonder if she will eat her own baby ? I think there could be a dinosaur or two in there , in that ugly fat ugly niggy womb of hers and ready to hatch

    fuck she is gonna look so old and ugly like doria so soon. she better enjoy this acting role and make the best of it while it lasts cuz I can't see her lasting much longer and people hate harry and william and all of those royals already.

    curse your souls of eternity all of you. you so old and ugly and big dinosaur bully teethed slobs. ugly old slut married to another ugly old slut gay man. I bet he is a secret gay hey! I bet the kid isn't even his.

    adulterating dirty sex maniac couple. i know they will call the baby prince dinosaurous windsor ! but there could be 12 of them in there in one pop, or poop. she is a joke to see her in pain. so funny look. wait til there are more looks like that on her deathbed.

  • I caught my brother in-law like that (webcam). Now I leave my dirty laundry all over the place and on purpose. I caught him jerking off into my shampoo and lotion.

  • Окау,тнеге's пот апутн|пg тнат's пот right aбоцт j£rкiп' оff, I jerk off and I have been caught at least once

  • I used to to this with my own sister. I wank on her dirty pantys and once I cummed on her bed. She knew and then she washed it but didn’t talk to me about it.. I really want to fuck her

  • ....and the hidden webcams will catch you one day.

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