Close as I can get

When my sister in law's family go out of town I am always asked to mind their dog. They live closeby and it isn't a big deal. What I like is that the house is empty and I can snoop around. My favorite thing is to go in her laundry and dig out her dirty panties. I take them to the bed and lick and smell them for a while then I put the crotch of one in my mouth and wrap another around my dick. I masturbate like this and cum in them. If there are a few pair I'll stick one in my ass. Many times I put the cummed on pair in her drawer and dream about my cum so close to her pussy and ass. She has a beautiful round ass and I know they ride up in her asscrack. My cum right up in there rubbing her asshole and pussy. I'll never get to fuck her so I do this whenever I can. Its the next best thing.

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  • I caught my brother in-law like that (webcam). Now I leave my dirty laundry all over the place and on purpose. I caught him jerking off into my shampoo and lotion.

  • Окау,тнеге's пот апутн|пg тнат's пот right aбоцт j£rкiп' оff, I jerk off and I have been caught at least once

  • I used to to this with my own sister. I wank on her dirty pantys and once I cummed on her bed. She knew and then she washed it but didn’t talk to me about it.. I really want to fuck her

  • ....and the hidden webcams will catch you one day.

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