I miss my wife

My wife passed 2 years ago, We were together for 14 years. In all ways the best part of my life. As time has gone on I miss so much about her. She was very different from any other girl I had dated, I found in time she really loved to have sex,
By looking at her, or talking to her you would not know any such thing. But once she had your trust, she was able to express what she was thinking, and more than willing to please me in any way.
At times I would like to talk to someone about the things she did to excite me.
In my mind, I will not find another girl like her.
Have fun with the one you love, and remember as much as possible.

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  • How she passed, First we found out that she had ALS, then we found out that she had Frontal lobe dementia, and they thought her dementia had to have started almost ten years before.
    She started at some point doing thing's uncommon for her. but later found that she was doing what she wanted, without any real concern. Just enjoy life.

  • She was different then anyone I had ever met. She enjoyed life, Very outgoing, willing to try new things. We could go out to a gathering and she could talk to anyone, She brought me out of my shell. and to me, a better looking girl than I would have thought I could date, let alone marry.
    When we would go out, people seemed to notice her, but she was out with me and she made me feel like I was the only one there.
    For a while I told myself, just have fun, don't get crazy, she could be gone in a heartbeat. Well that heartbeat was 14 years. And she asked me to marry her.
    She was by far the sexiest girl I ever dated, and her desire to keep me happy, to have fun,and keep things new was far more than I would have ever thought, we had done things I think I could have only done with her.
    Thanks for letting me share.

  • I literally worship the woman I'm with for the past 20 years. I do not take a single day for granite.

  • Badum psss!!.. Look, we know your stand_up routine failed downtown. Still, that's no reason to try it here.

  • I miss my wife too, until I caught her cheating on me with my boss, 2 other co-workers of hers, our neighbor, the mechanic, and lastly after she was arrested for sleeping with our sons friends, who happened to record it, and showed other kids from school, and that's how she was arrested. And she took her own life

  • We don't care about her shortcomings. They're all tramps anyhow. We want you to write more about how the scumbag cancelled her ticket.

  • Get it out of your system and tell us what she liked

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