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I'm not sure what to think about this if it's right of not , I am uncomfortable with this situation my wife says their his nothing wrong with it what do you think . My wife came home with a brand new pair of high heeled shoes which was not cheap , We are not well off so I said we cant afford them . My wife said it's ok my boss bought them for me I asked why , She said we was in the town lunch time and they was in the shop window , I said I really liked them but could not afford them so he bought them for me . I said so what does he expect for that my wife said don't be silly nothing he's just kind , Know this went on for some time new clothes shoes etc , Again I said what's he getting out of it my wife said he likes me to model it for him that's all . I said model it what do you mean , My wife then told me she would try it on walk up and down posing , Sometimes he would take photos there was no arm in it . I was angry but if I said something to upset her she would clam up and not tell me anymore so I said that it was ok . Has time passed I asked her what's the most revealing thing she ever modelled for him , I was in shock she said matching underware I said have I seen it she said no I've never worn it yet , So I said put it on model it for me she was a bit reluctant at first then when she came back in the room I could see why . It was black totally see through bra and thong I could not believe it , I asked her to pose like she did for him you could see everything , I asked her if he had ever done anything to her she said no never . I am not sure what to believe I made her leave that job it was me or the job

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  • Good call

  • Agree with the others. There’s more going on here.

  • She’s definitely fucking him.

  • Oh she was fucking the boy.

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