Make my bf wear diapers

I make my bf wear diapers sometimes all day but definitely every night at 7 he is thickly diapered and put to bed at 8 . he hates it i love it

3.7 years ago

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    • I don`t believe a word of these stories or comments. They are ficticious, ment to cator to lonely adult babies.

    • Wow, what power you exercise over your boyfriend. I guess you’re a man eater and he is a masochist. Nice, opposites attract.

    • I love diapers but if I could force my fiance into one, that'd be such a turn on. I want him to like it and want it but he doesn't right now. He's worn a diaper once but it didn't fit him properly. He knows about my baby side but he's so vanilla. How can I change his heart?

    • Why don’t you try to put him in nappies at bed time when your wearing a sexy negligee. He may be receptive.

    • Because I had some accidents, my Wife makes me wear diapers too. I am already getting used to it.

    • Enough of this diaper and panty bullshit stories. Even if it’s real you idiots needs to start your own diaper and cuck husband sites

    • There is always some.NEGATIVE JOAKER, guess he was bottle fed as a baby, or dropped on his head.
      Someone should put him in triple cloth diapers and locking plastic baby panties, that would be my advice

    • OH dear not you again, what are the only posts you want, come on let us know ?
      Nothing wrong with a few fetishes that is what things are about probably the only real true stories are about humiliation, chastity, cross dressing and lingerie wearing males, I think most of the others are to say the least a bit helped up shall we say.
      Anyhow if you don't like it why not piss off you dick

    • Stop defending someone who admitted to lying. Makes you look like a dick. So why don't you piss off. Dick.

    • Sounds pretty sexy, currently I am starting to get my man into panties started off making him wear them while we had sex now he has to wear them for a day before we have sex he has 10 panties and four with matching bras so soon he will be wearing them while at home

    • Put him in cloth diapers and pink plastic rumba plastic baby panties. He will be much easier to control. Then add a very short lacy white baby skirt to highlight his thick diapers and bulging pink panties. Start breast feeding him at least 3 times a day soon you’ll be lacking it will bond you to each other while breastfeeding rub the front of his wet diapers until he climaxes he will be puffy in your bands. Turning him into a sissy will be the ultimate fun. Good luck.

    • He is one lucky man.

    • A nice idea to go with this is giving him a manicure. Or, go and get manicures together at your favorite salon!

    • Try diapers nothing gives you more power

    • My Wifw makes me wear diapers too. Why do you girls want us in diapers just because of a few accidents?

    • I am now certainly thinking of that once he is comfortable in constantly wearing his own lingerie I am planning on at least getting him to precum when we go on drives and I reach over to play with him that will give me an opening to demand he starts wearing at least pull up's pink for sure, it may not happen soon but it will happen, I want to change him with an adult baby nappy and safety pins while he has a dummy.

    • Why do you think? Women have been put down for centuries! It’s been a mans world. Gaining the upper hand has been both an individual and collective goals. Diaper domination, power and payback. It’s impossible to argue with someone changing your diaper! Transforming men into submissive babies seems to be gaining in popularity a secondary benefit is satisfying maternal instincts. What’s in it for us, safety, security, stress free existence, returning to a simpler time when all our needs were met and we were the central focus of motherly love ❤️

    • ABSOLUTELY, you’re a profit!

    • Don’t distract him while he is driving or you may find yourself diapered in the hospital or morgue. Confine your games to the bedroom it’s much safer.

    • I would love to be someone baby and have her love me ass she would a baby and I lots of love to her

    • If it turns you on to be married to an adult BABY - you my friend are a paedophile.

    • You are ignorant! Read up on the subject. If you can read.

    • Idiot!!

    • Its a power thing nothing to do with being a pedophile

    • What sort of a clown are you ?
      We love the way we conduct ourselves we do not push it into anyone else's face and keep it to ourselves in our own home. We both have really great high achiever jobs in international companies and are well respected
      OK he might have nappies on when we go out but who know's nobody and it's not all the time anyhow.
      I am not your friend I would think you would not have many and certainly not a pedo, so how about you put your head up your arse and blow you should enjoy that stupid goose !!

    • I'm a clown? HELLOOOO??? You put your husband in nappies and let him piss himself. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Geez what a complete idiot you obviously never graduated high school anybody with just a first-year college like psych 101 would know what we're talkin about not pedophilia it's a para philia look it up dumbass

    • I am just getting my husband into nappies I want to turn him into an Adult Baby it is a bit of a struggle but I am getting there slowly it started with him wetting the bed once so I made him wear pull up's but I soon turned that into cloth nappies with large safety pins with me changing him when I pretended it was necessary, I still let him wear pullup's pink of course during the day he does not soil them but I am insistent and refuse him any other underwear, I have recently purchased an adult dummy and bib along with a nice pink bonnet, I need him to put these on for meals that I feed and am getting a high chair for him, looking on the net I am ordering numerous Adult baby wear and products, this is going to be so good I love humiliating him don't know why

    • Men have a fascination with breast. Start him nursing on yours frequently the more you do the sooner you will produce milk. While breastfeeding run the front of his diapers and plastic baby panties until he cum’s he will be hooked for life. You will be in total control-permanently!!!!

    • Make him build his own high chair, I made mine and a cot, she now wants me to make a cage to put me In while she goes out !!

    • You sound a perfect wife, don't forget plenty of straps on the high chair must keep baby secure !!

    • Love to have a loving woman do that to me and it would be heaven for us both and living a life of love and happiness

    • Love it to be me and be loved by a woman that would love a man baby

    • Love to find a loving woman

    • You really don’t like men some male hurt you and this is you way of getting even. I t may have been so traumatic you buried deep in your subconscious. Now degrading your husband turning him into a baby 👶 you are fulfilling both your maternal instincts and dominating him. By all means buy him hot pink clear rumba plastic baby panties with rows of white frilly lace on the rear. Also buy a white satan baby dress in his size with rows of pink lace with the hem ending just above his navel put him in four bunny soft cloth diapers pinned both at the waist and hips for a tight leek proof seal the add the pink rumba plastic baby panties. I guarantee he will blush. Ply him 24/7 with liquids so he is constantly peeing in his thick thirsty diapers. Use plenty of diaper rash cream so baby doesn’t get a nasty rash. Powder him throughly front and back while you grab both his ankles in in one hand holding his legs above his head like a true baby. Talk baby talk to him. “ My big baby boy is going to make nice wet-ties I’m his wonderful super thick baby diapers setting a vibrator off every time you wet waves of pleasure will wash over you as you cum in you soft diaper until you crave being a diaper dependent helpless baby.” Repeat this twenty times a day. It won’t be long until he becomes totally submissive. Add a locking giant crib with pink bars and white head and foot boards have a Disney diapered princess painted on both, add a mirror over the crib on he ceiling so he is continually seeing his baby self. Begin breastfeeding him soon you will be lactation this will permanently bond mommy and baby. Keep me a breast of your progress——pun intended.

    • Wonderful suggestions. What a turn on if you do all of the suggestions you will be in baby heaven. I also agree you must have been abused by a man when you were young or your mother was a man eater and you picked it up from her. My gf loved to keep me in thick cloth diapers and baby plastic panties. She left be to humiliate me. One day in my wet diapers and pink plastic rumba panties I was introduced to her mom. Hate was written all over her face. She loves to torment me. Gave me a baby shower. I was made to sit in my wet diapers and clear pink plastic baby panties and continually wet while opening bibs, baby dresses, etc, thanking rack woman and telling how excited I am to wear their gifts. And ask them to breastfeed me, spank and feed me. Of course a nice vibrator see off by wetting my diapers would bond me for life to my diapers.

    • Can't we block this crud I mean give me a break this is how he gets off

    • Fortunately I met my girlfriends mother ( hate written on her face) early enough to realize where our relationship was going. She was attracted to me because I was a bed wetter and wore diapers and plastic panties to bed. I discovered she had been married less than a year and her husband committed suicide. She collected a big amount of money. I ran for my life.

    • Wish that was me it would be a dream

    • That is just so good Darling, I hope you have some plastic diaper covers for him, I have my husband in diapers and plastic cover pants from Friday after work till Monday morning, he know's that he has to wee and poo in them before he can have a bath and change.
      It makes me feel so dominant I even have one of my friends change him it is so humiliating for him.
      Keep up the good work Honey xxxx

    • If he hates it why is he doing it?

    • Because i told him he has to because he wet the bed and i have pictures if he fights me lol im in charge .

    • I'd kick all you twisted females ass's for attempting such shit with me.

    • You would love it Darling your reply has all the hallmarks of envy

    • Sure does

    • Yes I believe after you trained him he would learn to love his diapered life. After all what’s he doing on this site anyway?

    • Good insight!

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