My wifes little sissy

I was 16 when I got the girl next door pregnant and my parents made me quit school and get a full time job and marry her . She was very dominant with me from the begining and had full control of me in every way . She locked me in a chastity belt and started feminizing me ,I would come home from work and get dressed up in what ever outfit she had laid out for me on our bed every day and would so all the house work and take care of our baby son.After I cooked dinner she would go get dressed up and leave me there to take care of the baby while she went out .She would tease and laugh at me for being such a sissy and describe the REAL men she met and tell me all about the great sex she had with them and even started threatening to bring men home ,she said she told every one of them about her submissive sissy husband at home and they never believed her and she was ready to bring them home for me to meet .She laughed when she told me that I would get to hear and probably even watch them fucking .I had been locked up in chastity for about two months and listening to her made me so horny and she saw it immediatly so that night she brought a man home and made me introduce myself to him as Cindy her sissy husband. They laughed and teased me while I server them drinks and snax and eventually my wife told me they were going to the bedroom so he could fuck her ,and she asked me if I wanted to join them .I was so excited and confused and turned on and I said yes immediatly and even begged when told to do so . I obediantly stood next to the bed and watched my wife and the man play around then fuck and after he came in her she asked me if I liked watching her being fucked by another man and I said yes I did.Next she told me to look at his cock and he asked if I liked looking at it and when I said I did he told me to lick it clean ,I did not hesitate so after I had licked his cock until it was rock hard again he told me to suck it . As I was sucking his cock the man and my wife started giving me tips on what to do and I quickly caught on and began doing a good job and before long was good enough that I made him cum.Without being told I kept my lips wrapped tightly around his cock and swallowed every drop of his yummy cum like a good sissy .My wife praised me and asked why I did that I told them because I liked sucking his cock and knew what a sissy had to do to make him happy .After that night I dressed up every night and couldnt wait for her to bring a man home .I was always so excited to meet the men and couldnt wait to be told to suck their big hard cocks .My wife never had sex with me at all ,I was locked in chastity and kept horny all the time,She bought me a dildo and made me learn to make myself have an orgasm with it by reading and watching videos . She took my dildo away denying me an orgasm for two months so when she came home one night and told me I had to let the man she brought home fuck me I didnt resist,even begged him to fuck me when he said he wanted to hear me beg. My wife watched me suck the mans cock till it was rock hard then after I lubed his cock and my sissy hole he fucked me hard making me cum like a girl.They both laughed and teased me for being a cock hungry sissy then he started fucking me again because he hadnt cum yet. Since I had orgasmed I wasnt in my sissy state of mind and tried to get him to let me off and fuck my wife and she told me that wasnt going to happen because she brought this man home just to fuck me .He told me how he loved meeting women whose husbands were sissies and let him fuck the sissy while she watched . That night he fucked me long and hard and came inside my mouth and ass several times. After that night he would come over sometimes during the week but every weekend for sure,I would always be ready for him always dressed like a slut and let him treat me like one especially when he fucked me . My wife eventually divorced me and told everyone that I was gay and that she was tired of catching me having sex with men.My family eventually let me come around again but said I had to dress feminine since that was the way I really liked to look and since I liked men they said it was only right.I didnt care ,I was just happy to be allowed to visit my family again . Most of my friends diss owned me but the women who stayed friends treat me like a girlfriend now ,and force their husbands and boyfriends to be nice to me .The men who still want to be friends say they dont care how I dress and that it doesnt matter that I am gay,they will always be my friend which is a big lie ,every one of them are forcing me to be their little bitch when no one is around but I dont care,,I love dressing up for them and let them fuck me willingly ,even the ones who are forcefull and think they are forcing me to have sex with them .I guess it makes a man feel big and masculine to rape a sissy and thats ok with me because I love the rough kinky sex


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  • My wife locked me in a chastity device for three months then she would tie me up and jack me off but not let me cum over and over for hours till I begged her to let me be her sissy slave . When she finally stopped torturing me I feminized myself willingly .I wear a bra and panties ,garter belt and stockings at work and change clothes as soon as I get home and stay fully feminized at all times when not working . She invited everyone who i know over then made me walk in the room all dressed up so all my friends and family knew that I am aa sissy . It was so humiliating but I knew I had to do it so everyone would know my secret . I am teased non stop at work and there is nothing I can do about it . The good thing is everyone at work knows that I will be dressed feminine for our haloween parties

  • Thanks for sharing this. It was an excellent read.

  • Another little dweeb who thinks dressing like a sissy makes him gay. LOL !

  • I am gay.I love to suck mens cocks as much as I love having a man fuck my ass good and hard .

  • Paragraphs dude, they work

  • Seriously

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