My wife, her Lesbian lover and I

About six months ago my wife and I decided on chastity for each other I had a chastity cock cage and my wife a chastity belt we exchanged keys, everything was fine till I was introduced to her friend, they had been in a lesbian relationship for over six years without my knowledge, my wife gave her my keys and I had to give her my wife's.
She comes over almost every weekend, cuffs me then releases my dick, wash, shave and clean plus have some fun but not let me cum, I have to dress in panties, bra, blue satin maids outfit, school girl white socks and heels, she watches as my wife makes me up and puts on a black wig, while she released my wife for shower, shaving and playing I have to wash and totally clean her car, then come in and make a light lunch after that I tongue each till they have no cum in their cunts at all, when she dose not want to play my wife's chastity belt is locked on, we are clearly her slaves.
I have to do most of the household chores while they enjoy themselves and sleep on the lounge, no use complaining she had hundreds of photos and videos and threatened to show them all over town.
If any of my work was not up to standard she will loop string around the base of my balls behind the cage make me stand on tippy toe and tie it tightly behind to a door knob, very painful.
I get extremely horny most of the time but I am sure she will never let me orgasm, if I ever even had a thought this might happen there is no way I would have gone near that chastity cage, on top of everything I have to pay her $500 cash for the pleasure when she leaves on Sunday.

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