Came inside her

I'm a black 24 year old male. I go to college to study communication. During one my classes we had we were told we are gonna work on a project for presentation for class. I got paired with this cute white girl named Melissa who was 19. She had black hair, thin, wore black rimmed glasses. But only used then when she had to read. She had a nice little ass with little bit of curve. She had nice little set of tits. Around c cup bras she wore
Well we worked on project for a few weeks and I took noticed to her wardrobe she wore that drove me crazy. One day she would wear a low cut tank top where it really shows her tits off along with see through yoga pants I could see she had a pink g string on. 2nd time we worked on project she had low rise jeans on and sat down and her blue thong would stick out above her jeans. 3rd time she wore these skin tight white leggings then we she bent over to pick something up I could see her black thing right through her pants. And all the other times similar deal. She would wear jeans her thong or g string would stick out or she would wear skin tight pants and they be so tight you can see a thong outline. There was so many times my dick got so hard when next to her. There would even be times I would Jack off when i got home thinking of her. She had given me her number when we did the project I hit her up a text after semester was over. We hung out a few times. After hanging out a few times I knew I so wanted to fuck this girl. She would be the first white girl I fuck.
We would hang out a few more times. I knew I would have to get her interested some how. I would invite her to my place few times and I would purposely answer the door in a t shirt and my skin tight silk boxer briefs and tell her let me get pants on and we would head out. Well few times I caught her glancing at my bulge when she come over and I notice the little smile on her face.
We went for ice cream and talked I asked her about what kind boyfriends she had. And she said she only ever had two boyfriends. So my dick got real hard cause I'd be the first BBC to fuck her little tight white pussy. I knew after that day I gotta make my move. And sure enough later that week I did.
Got her back to my place. Made the moves on her. Started kissing her rubbing all over her. Got her clothes off started eating her pussy out. Flipped her over ate her ass out. She unzipped my pants, slipped my boxers down. I loved her stunned reaction as she is just stunned and speechless lookin at my cock. She started stroking it still speechless at how huge and hard my cock was. I was rock hard at that point. I been waiting along time to fuck this girl. I even stopped jacking off a week prior just so I can build a hefty load in these balls that hopefully she will allow me to cum in her mouth or inside her pussy.
So she starts sucking my dick. After few mins she lays me on bed and sucks my cock some more eventually working her way up to kissing me then hoping on top my cock. She gets on my dick starts riding. She is just going wild. She is only 5'2 in height and I'm 6'8 with a muscular build. She grinds away shouting OMG your dick is so huge. I'm loving every min of this. We switch to me on top her. I started fucking her. It felt so warm, and tight I almost was going to cum but I had to focus and hold on and let that cum build in those balls. I'm pounding her and she just moaning like crazy. She ends up with a orgasm and I keep fucking her. We go to a position where I'm kinda behind her on our sides laying down fucking her she orgasms twice in that position. We go to reverse cowgirl position. She starts the dirty talk at this point and is just really in to this sex with me and is just wild. She keeps grind my dick so hard and so fast she orgasms again. And at this point I was feeling the need to wanna cum myself but I wanted to hold on a bit more. We switch to doggy style. I get my dick in that pussy and just start fucking away. My adrenaline is kicking in to next level. This girl is moaning like crazy telling me this dick is so good and that she loves this black dick in her. So I focus my brain on other things to give me more aggression to fuck this girl. Like my rough up bringing, life on streets, white people keeping me down, govt keeping me down. Being discriminated against cause I'm black that I experience I all used and anger and aggression while I fuck this young tight white pussy. She orgasm a few times. I kept slapping her ass, even pulled her hair while fucking her. I seen in a mirror near the bed she had a smile on her face of joy and i even seen her eyes roll into her head while fucking her. Finally it was time I couldn't hold this load anymore and I decided i wanted to cum inside this girls pussy. So I keep fucking her faster and faster. I shout out I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum inside you. Before she could say anything I shot the biggest load I ever shot right inside that young little tight white pussy. She loved it. We started dating shortly after and are still together.

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  • That's what's poppin yo. I was in da club and met a little white ho that was fine as hell. She had a really nice curvy thick ass and nice perky set of titties. Went back to her hotel room and she was shocked at the meat I was packin. Got that bitch on bed spread eagle my cock deep in them guts and fucked her with no mercy. Felt that load building in my nuts. Keep fuckin this bitch faster she is screaming like she bein murdered. Felt it was time to bust a nut. But she latched on to me real tight said to me cum inside me I want your baby. Usually I don't cum in the pussy. But this bitch probably wants a black Mans baby. So I dropped that load in her and got the fuck out.

  • BS story

  • Fake. Black guys don’t eat pussy. We all know that.

  • Your an idiot

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