The changing room curtain

Myself and my wife decided to go shopping we both had a day off mid week so it's much quieter to browse , My wife wanted to look for clothes as usual so we ended up in a clothes shop, She picked up various outfits to try on while I waited outside the changing room , There was one other guy there standing by the changing rooms I assumed he was with his wife as Well , He was hovering outside my wife's cubicle , That's when I noticed the changing room curtains was slightly open also there was a hole in one curtain , He could not see me watching him when I noticed him looking through the hole in the curtain , At first I was going to shout at him but I don't know why but I didn't I just observed his actions , My wife called me over to have a look at her outfit , Then she went back in to the cubicle to try on another one I pulled the curtains leaving a gap deliberately , I made eye contact with this guy then gestured to him to look into the cubicle he hesitated at first , I smiled at him to show it was ok he then looked through the hole in the curtain ,I could see in the gap she was in her bra and thong this felt wrong but I was enjoying it , She did the same again showed me her outfit then went back in to try on the last one , He was back looking through the hole again then I had a thought I started looking on the clothes racks , It took a while but I found a lacy top that done up in between the legs knowing she would have to take every thing off , So I asked her to try it on , He went back to looking through the hole then he looked at me then shook his head , My wife called me to have a look she had her thong and bra still on underneath , I said it looks great but try it on without your underwear my wife said your not allowed for hygiene reasons , I said no one will know , Then she said actually there is a pad In the crutch but I'll keep my bra on because I would not wear this without a bra , I said please it will fit a lot better go on see what it looks like , I pulled the curtain again poorly so I could see what he could see I watched my wife get naked all but her heels , She put it on then called me she looked fantastic her nipples was sticking through the lace , I said you look fantastic I'll get you all the outfits you have tried on she was really happy , I think the guy was really happy too he nodded and smiled has we was leaving the shop , Eventually I told my wife about the guy watching her at first she was angry , But now she gets turned on by the thought of being watched .

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  • When my wife broke her leg. Many people came over to sign her cast. I wasn't in the room everytime but when I did go in to see what was taking so long. I noticed that her bed gown had risen up and the way she had her legs gave everyone a perfect up close look at her perfectly shaved pussy. It turned me on so I just pretended not to notice. All my friends signed I'm sure they were pleased as well.

  • You had a good shopping day, I have been able to get my wife to try on linen tops and without a bra on. When she comes out to show me the guy who runs the place will often get a good look. good for you

  • Thank you , it's a strange but good feeling to let someone else see your wife , I've done it again. recently

  • The uk queen elizabeth is a complete slut and bitch. if only people knew!

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