What if it happens

I’m a mature lady and not been with a man for over 10 years.
At work a new member of staff has started and we have become good friends, we chat in our lunch break together, we’ve had coffee outside work and recently started texting and things are going very nicely.
I’m hoping and wanting things continue, he is a lovely kind gentleman.
My thoughts now are what if we have sex, here are my reasons for thinking what if...
For 10 years I’ve been maturbating, nothing wrong with that you might say.
Would you be saying the same if I said I’ve been masturbating with the biggest objects I can find, wine bottles, butternut squash etc.
Regular sex toys do nothing for me, I don’t have many but what I do have I’m needing two at the same time to get me excited.
Length doesn’t do anything for me, it’s the girth, my concern now is, if I was to have sex with the lovely gentleman what would be his thoughts after.

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  • Hw will probably be thinking...... "Help, get me out of here" Because he fell in.

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