What is so fascinating about my female body

Why do guys like to put their hands on me when they pass by. I would like to know what draws them to me and why am I attracting too many young boys. I'm the older woman with three kids so what is wrong with me? Why do the boys and men keep playing with my body like they do? I don't dress trashy so that should not be the problem.

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  • Why would you raise your kids in a dump like that. Do rabid dogs walk around in packs too?

  • You are obviously very beautiful and the men feel attraction towards you

  • The brief answer is that you are attractive and guys really, really like pussy. They want yours. Call the cops when you are being groped too much.

  • 2 nd this comment

  • Men can be awful, but you need to make serious changes if this is happening to you often

  • Where do you live, in the fucking ghetto or something? You seriously need to house hunt if that's happening, as your neighbourhood sounds like a dump if every man is grabbing at you.

  • Pmsl @the ghetto!

  • You must be attractive. Enjoy it, it will not last forever.

  • Young guys like sexy moms that are confident and not bitchy like their GF. Use it to your advantage and help those young men out

  • I concur!

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