I have no idea why

I am in my mid 30's and about two years ago I was bored and found casual encounters on craigslist. Men were on there by the dozens wanting to pleasure women, pay them, worship them and I fell into it. I never take any money and I do not do it daily or anything like that, at most I go out twice a month.
My first outing was to a local hotel, the guy was super nice and kind of shy actually but wow when he got going I was pleasured beyond my wildest expectations. He was wanted to give me oral and loved everything about my body. I had a great time with him and it was an excellent beginning to my adventures.
I live in a large city with many companies so I have gone to hotels mostly and only the higher end ones. I have posted a few times myself on there and one night got a response from to men from Japan. They told me that they both wanted to be with me at the same time and were very upfront about their desires. They met me in the restaurant on the main level and we talked a little bit then went back up to one of their rooms. They treated me like a goddess, one of them licked and sucked on my toes so much my feet felt great afterwards. They wanted to take turns on either end of me over and over, I was on the bed on all fours and they worked themselves around me talking turns. I again had multiple orgasms and received a few hours of pleasure from them both.
The only real bad experience I had was a surprise hand cuffing followed by my mouth being wedged open for oral, the guy was not to mean about it but I was not really that into it. He gagged me a few times and eventually came in my mouth, he licked me all over my body which was a little bit of a turn off. He had told me ahead of time that he was allergic to most deodorants and perfumes so he asked me to shower first and not put anything on me. I found out why when I was cuffed he pulled my arms above my head then he licked my armpits, he loved my breasts though and pleasured me for at least three orgasms before taking off the cuffs. So like I said a little scary but I was not injured, just grossed out a little bit from all the licking.
I just went a few weekends ago to a couple, they really wanted to do a threesome and the wife wanted to pleasure me, it was her first time with a woman. She had a great time and I got to have multiple orgasms between her and her husband, she was okay with me sucking on him but she did not want us to have intercourse.
All told it has been a great time filled with adventurous sex and a few regular episodes with guys just wanting to get off then have me leave but I am going to keep on doing it for a while as an outlet for my pleasure.


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  • I couldn't tell who was real who was spam on CL so gave up. Good on you though!

  • Sounds like fun. I’ve tried CL to meet women for just sex and it’s such full of BS and such I gave up.

  • With men too! they get too attached for a one night stand. Small dicks pretend to be big with camera tricks. All of a sudden they all become directors and want to record their wee wee being sucked

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