Husband jerked it to my friends

I was having a hard time sleeping the other night, so I go down to get some food at 2 AM. I walk past the living room and my husband was still up and on the computer. He was on my facebook page looking at pictures, which would normally be no big deal, but he was masturbating to pics of my friends last summer when we were at the beach in bikinis.

I said "WTF are you doing?!?!" I was really hurt. I said, "Are you fantasizing about fucking my friends?!!" He confessed, but said it was not big deal. I said it was a big deal to me, and asked which friend turned him on. He said Darla, with whom I've been friends for years. She tall, big boobs, bubble ass, so I get that she looks good. But fuck, it is so fucked up that he is looking at her that way. Hold shit, it pissed me off to think that he wants to dip his dick into her. So messed up.

The thing is that we've only been married 6 months. In half of a fucking year my husband is already thinking about dropping loads into my friends. Guys are such trash--no fucking impulse control whatsoever. I can't believe this shit is already fucking up our marriage. Now anytime I have sex with my husband, I have to deal with his trashy mind and wonder if he's thinking about Darla or Lord knows who else. I'll be lucky to ever have an orgasm with him again.


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  • I’m sorry but I jack off to some of my wife’s attractive friends. Knowing about some of their past is one of the main reasons. The other is how freaking sexy and attractive they are

  • So have an orgasm with me..... you two are already ruined :)

  • Part of life hun..

  • Shut the fuck up and let him wank.

  • Get a realistic view of life and grow up.

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