Deepest desire confession

Okay this is embarrassing because I’m a 17 year old virgin and keep having dirty thoughts about fucking someone and calling them daddy and they call me their daughter and talking dirty and fucking hard in that role play of stepdad and daughter . I even think about having inside of me filled with cum . I’ve been fantasizing about a big cock inside me . Any advice? This sounds wrong ??

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  • You bad girl. You shouldn't tease Daddy like that kitten. He will have to punish you. We both know a hard spanking is not going to be enough to correct your wayward behavior don't we. It's OK kitten, Daddy has something else hard to punish you with.😈

  • That's so hot, alot of girls have a daddy daughter role play fantasy

  • Well then so it’s normal for me too as well then

  • Bullshit from start to finish. No girl is a virgin at 17. You all aim to lose it as quickly as possible.

  • First of fucking all asshole I am a virgin and I don’t give a fuck if you believe or not because it’s my pussy and I know nothing has ever been in it not everyone is a whore like you now fuck off you little cunt

  • Lol. Yeah sure, next you'll probably say that you want a Nice guy but go for the dumbshits who mistreat you instead. All the same.

  • Na boo we are not the same you can do that bullshit but this is the real world and people are smart no one has time to be like you and do that

  • Hey babe, I'd love to be your daddy and you can be my naughty schoolgirl

  • You there baby. Dont listen too that moron baby. I would love too be your daddy..

  • You there baby. I will be your daddy....

  • Lol

  • I will fuck your virgin school girl pussy..

  • I know you would

  • You there babe..

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