Guy drove an hour just to get sucked

I live down on the Alabama coast, retired and every so often I host a glory hole. I am in my 60's and have found that I enjoy giving pleasure to men but find that most all of them want it to be anonymous. This guy messaged me about directions then told me that he hoped I was not kidding around with him because he was driving almost an hour for this, I told him that he was the only one showing up today and if he wanted to have two orgasms I would do that for him.
He showed up and I told him if he wanted to come inside and be more comfortable on the couch instead of standing we could do it that way. He told me sure and came around to the front door, he was great and I told him where to sit and get relaxed. He got comfortable and I kneeled down between his legs and gave him a nice long teasing blow job. He told me that this was by far one of the best bj's of his life. I told him that I would get something to drink and if he wanted another one I would do it. When I returned he had not moved off of the couch so I kneeled back down between his legs and began sucking on him again. It took quite some time to get him to cum again but when he did he was speechless, gasping for words as he watched his whole cock swallowed down pulsating as it came.
He sat there telling me again how great I was at sucking cock, he then asked if he could come back next weekend. I told him to email me first and I would let him know if I wanted to do it. We have had two sessions now and again I sucked him off twice with the same result of him gasping for words.

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  • It’s fun to call a mans wife and tell her you just fucked her hubby in the ass, while he is in the shower.

  • He probably had to get back to the Roy Moore campaign. Next time take thst closet GOP married fag and tie him up and fuck him in the ass, then get his phone and send a picture of it to his wife and pastor

  • Because Clinton was such a moral president.

  • Yes it does seem that sex and politics always go hand in hand.

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