Moved to a new house

When I was around twelve or so we moved to a new state for my dads work and my mom met the family across the street the next day after moving into our new house. They had three sons, one my age and two younger ones so she came back and got me so I could meet them.
We all got along pretty well and within a few minutes they were showing me the huge tree fort in their back yard. It was almost to the back of the lot and they did not have anyone behind them just the woods. We all climbed up into it and sat around for a few minutes talking then like it was no big deal at all one of his younger brothers got down on his knees. The older one started undoing his pants and got his cock out then like it was normal his little brother started sucking on it.
I was sitting there with my eyes popping out of my head I am sure and in just a few minutes I heard slurping sounds and the kid stopped sucking on him. The older one looked at me and asked if I wanted his brother to suck on mine and I had no idea what to say then out of no where the word sure came out. The little brother was shuffling over between my knees and I undid my pants and pulled them down like he did then the older one tells me that I have a lot of pubic hair. All I had ever done to this point was masturbate and I watched with excitement as his head went down and I felt his mouth on my cock. He began sucking me very quickly and it was really light, I was hard in seconds and it was completely strange because the older one was leaning over to watch.
He the straightened out his chair again and looked over at his other brother and asked him to come over and suck on his cock. I found it so amazing that we both were sitting there like three feet apart getting blow jobs and I had just met them about an hour ago. It only took like five minutes and I felt myself starting to orgasm, the kid never quit until I came and he slurped it all down then stopped. The older brother asked me if that felt great and I just nodded at him putting my cock back into my pants. He told his other brother to stop sucking and we all sat there for a few more minutes then went back to the house.
I guess it was around lunch time the next day and my mom told me that Dave was at the front door, that was the older ones name. He asked if I wanted to come over and do something so I went back to his house with him. We did something then about an hour later his mom told him she was going to run to the store and be back in about an hour, she was gone like five minutes and he called out to the younger ones. He was unzipping his pants as I heard them coming down the hallway, he looked at me and asked if I was going to get mine out. I stood up and he told one of them to suck mine while the other one kneeled right down in front of him and without him saying anything started sucking his dick. I dropped my pants and stood there looking down as my cock disappeared into his mouth and the sucking started. They finished up and it was so strange because we just went right back to doing whatever it was and then about a half hour later he asked me if he could suck my cock. He asked me to come to another room and then told me to watch out the window for his mom's car. He got down on his knees and undid my pants himself and pulled them and my underwear down. He began sucking on me slowly then sped up sucking me really hard, if felt unbelievably good and I came pretty quickly. He stood back up and looked out the window telling me good that she did not come home yet then he asked me something that I did not even think about. He asked if I would suck on his and he would keep a watch out for his mom, he was already unzipping like the only answer I was going to say was yes. I kneeled down and looked at his cock hanging there and like I was in a trance I just opened my mouth and started sucking on it.
It felt very strange at first but after a few minutes I got into it and sucked away on him, I even swallowed his orgasm thinking it was not that big of a deal after all. We spent that first summer sucking and getting sucked by his brothers over and over and some days I swear it was like a dozen blow jobs each, I would lay in bed and my cock was sore and it burned when my pajamas rubbed on it. I also saw his two brothers in their room one time in a 69 sucking on each other, I am not even sure they could have orgasms yet but they kept it up for quite some time.
School started and we really had not time to do much at all except on the weekends, I remember a few months afterwards my parents and I were invited over for dinner and after it was over all of us boys went upstairs. He asked me if I wanted to spend the night and we went downstairs to ask, I went across to my house and got a sleeping bag and a change of clothes along with some shorts to sleep in and we went upstairs.
I guess it was around nine or so when my mom and dad left, we went back upstairs and settled into his room and about ten minutes later he whispered to me and asked if I wanted to do something. I was excited because it had been weeks since getting sucked so I made my way to his bed and we ended up doing a sixty nine with me on the bottom.
We sucked each other off like three times that night and I woke up to a bright room all alone. I walked downstairs and had some breakfast then we played for a bit before I went home. We did this for a few years and I think the last time we did I was like sixteen but we were both really into girls as well just to shy to ask them out or anything. We just quit doing it after some time but still remain good friends today and have never done anything again since.

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