First experience

My friend and I were playing when I was around twelve or so and he asked me if he could tie me up to a pole in the basement. I did not think much of it at the time and after some experimenting I was securely bound to the pole, he then tickled me a little bit but soon his hands went straight down to my zipper. I asked him what he was doing but he just told me that he wanted to play with my thing, I was so taken back that nothing came out of my mouth. He kneeled down in front of me and had my pants and underwear down in seconds. When my underwear was pulled down my penis sprang up, I had to admit I was getting hard with him rubbing it before he pulled my pants down.
He started licking and sucking on me like he had done it before because he was not shy about it at all. I had never been with anyone besides my own hands and it felt absolutely amazing so I lasted about a minute before I was cumming and he never stopped sucking. He swallowed all of it and was continuing to suck on me, I was really enjoying it but like all men know after a few minutes things start to get really sensitive. He finally stopped and asked me how that felt, I was starting to feel a little strange because he kept on sucking on me waiting for my answer. I told him that if felt great then asked him why in the world he wanted to do this to me. He told me that he wanted to try sucking on someone else instead of his own for once which really blew my mind.
He untied me then told me he was sorry for tying my up and doing that but I told him it was great and I really had enjoyed it. He then asked me if I wanted him to suck on me more so we walked over to the couch and I sat down. He kneeled down between my feet and I pulled down my pants and watched as he sucked my cock until I came again. He gave me many blow jobs over the next few years and I was bummed when his family moved away because it truly felt really good when he did it.

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