Wifes friend

My wife has two close friends and one of them lives just down the street from us, she is very close with me wife and I having had a threesome with us. My wife and her also pleasure each other without me some times which is great. My wife took a trip down to her mothers to help her out after surgery and was planning on being gone for a few weeks Stacy, the friend down the street, has a key to our house and I came home from work to find her in our living room.
We have a love seat that is fairly old actually and it has legs and some wood work all around the perimeter of it. Stacy had some how managed to tie herself to it and was also blindfolded, I was so shocked when I came into the living room because I had been home for at least twenty minutes before I found her.
I asked her what in the world she was doing and a smile went across her face, she asked me how I liked her handy work and told me that I was her slave for the night. She waxes everything and her body is really nice with at least D cup breasts and round bottom, my wife and her are almost the same except my wife's bottom is not quite as round. I just looked at her for a moment and repeated the slave comment back to her, I told her you know I tend to treat my sex slaves pretty good around here. She played right back telling me that is what she is hoping I will do. The next thing I asked her was why she got this idea to make herself completely helpless to my sexual whims, she told me that she had talked to my wife earlier that day and she told her that she really felt bad leaving me with no relief. She told me she made no further comments other than he was a big boy who could take care of himself but after she hung up with my wife she started thinking about doing just this for me. I asked her what was off the table sexually and she told me nothing, I could do whatever my heart so desired.
I decided to see how sensitive her nipples were because I was thinking of putting some clips on them so I slowly ran my fingers around them getting them erect then gave them a few pinches. She handled it quite well, moaning out a little so I figured clips would be okay, I then went over to her feet and gave them some light stroking. She wiggled quite a bit and then told me if I was planning on tickling her I better get a towel because she pees easily and she did not want to mess up the carpet. I grabbed a few on my way back down with the clips and some vibrators because this I had to see for sure.
I started ticking her clit by slowly stroking it up and down with just a finger, I used my other fingers on her nipples getting them nice and erect again for the clips. Once they were hard I attached them and watched her breath in slowly then smile, her wetness was amazing as I slowly worked her clit around with my finger for a bit. I had the towels already spread out around the floor and took one more clip between my fingers. I spread her lips back exposing her clit and slowly released the clip onto it, she let out a long moan as it turned white from the blood getting squeezed out of it. I ran my fingers up her legs to her feet then concentrated on tickling one of them quite a bit, she was wiggling and gasping for air immediately. I could see her face tightening up and her cheeks were turning red. I kept up the foot tickles and reached a few fingers up to one of her arm pits, she twisted sideways a bit and squealed like crazy as I dug into it. She was gasping out words telling me she was trying to hold it and suddenly a short burst of pee came out in an arc and landed on the towels. She kept saying oh my god over and over as she kept trying to hold it but after a few bursts of pee a steady stream came out and landed on the towels. It was absolutely the coolest thing I had ever seen, I went back to her clit and started putting a vibe against the clip, she was shaking from the stimulation and gasping again. I removed the clip and she moaned out as the blood rushed back in while the vibrations were moving it around like crazy. She told me she was cumming in a long squealing moan and I watched as her anus pulsated and legs were straining against the ropes. She was breathing in short little gasps trying to tell me the vibe was tickling her badly now but it was amazing that she could barely talk, I pulled it off of her clit for a moment and watched her body relax and she let out a sigh. I dropped it back on there and it looked like she was getting shocked as her body shook with spasms. She was soaked so I put the vibe down and lowered my tongue down to her for some more pleasure, she tasted so sweet as I licked her all around her lips and stroked her clit some more.
I knew her nipples had been clipped up long enough and I always loved to see my wife's face when I removed them, she told me that she was never sure what hurt more putting them on or taking them off. I quickly released her nipples and began playing with them, she was breathing hard again in short gasps telling me her nipples felt like they were being poked. I sucked her clit into my mouth and rubbed my tongue across it hard while she started cumming again, she stopped screaming out in orgasm a few minutes later and told me holy shit, your wife is a lucky woman.
I kneeled down in front of her and pulled her ass off the edge of the couch, my cock started rubbing on her lips and she began moaning again as I slowly filled her to the bottom. I began really pounding on her and she was gasping again and telling me how great of a lover I am, she told me that this was by far the best sex she had in years. I pounded into her for as long as I could stand which was around ten minutes then began to untie her, she asked me how I liked my surprise and was wondering why I was tying her hands behind her back. I undid her legs then laid her face down on the couch, I tied each ankle to a thigh then picked her up and kneeled her down against the end of the couch. I tied her to the arm of the couch then stood in front of her face, she opened up her mouth and began sucking on me but after a few minutes I gathered up her hair in a ponytail and began pulling and pushing her head, she was letting out quick moans of delight as I fucked her mouth quickly. I blew my load into her mouth and I listened as she moaned out and swallowed over and over, she was quite a great cock sucker for sure.
I pulled out and asked her if she needed some water as I walked over to the kitchen, she was watching me go and told me that would be great. I brought her back a water bottle and put it to her lips, she sipped away on it looking at me wondering what the hell was next. I stood back up in front of her and pushed my cock back into her mouth, she sucked on me while I alternated grabbing her hair and pumping her head. I love to have another orgasm after my first one and it usually takes me about fifteen minutes to do it. She sucked me like a pro the whole time and told me that was a first for her.
I untied her completely and she stood up telling me she was so sexually satisfied and could not believe how many times she came, she asked if I was hungry and never put any clothes on while she made dinner. She told me to relax while she did it so I made myself comfortable on the couch and watched her. I got us some drinks when she said it was ready and we sat in the living room naked eating and watching tv, we finished the dishes and she asked if I wanted to go up the bedroom and have some more sex for dessert. I think we fell asleep around ten or so and when I woke up at five she was still laying there sleeping away. I showered got dressed and headed to work without disturbing her then received a call around nine. She told me last night was an absolute blast and if I wanted to repeat it tonight she was all for it. I told her I would be home about the same time if she wanted to do it again I would love it. When I got home she was naked lying on the floor with numerous ropes and toys around her and on the table, I looked at everything she had assembled and went right to it getting her tied up and ready to play with again.

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