Sister sucking me

Years ago I talked my sister into sucking my cock, it was not hard to do at all and afterwards I thought she would end up telling our Mom about it but she told me she would not say anything. I guess it was a few days later she came to my room and asked if I wanted her to do it again, I told her she could do it anytime she wanted and that I would always love one. She told me at the time that it was fun and that she found she really enjoyed it the first time so she wanted to do it again. She kneeled down on the floor while I lowered my pants and she went right to it licking and sucking on me then shortly after she started she told me she wanted to try a different position, she asked me to lay down on the bed. She climbed right up straddling my legs and started sucking on me again, after a few minutes of slow sucking I felt her rubbing on my knee. I looked at her butt moving around in small circles and realized she was rubbing her pussy on me while she sucked, I lifted my knee up a little bit pushing against her and she kept on rubbing.
Her head was bobbing up and down in a frenzy as she rubbed harder on my knee, she was moaning and squealing lightly as she began to orgasm. I watched her mouth just opening up, and her head was more or less just hanging there while she rubbed herself hard against my knee, she let out a long moan then slowly went back to sucking on me until I came. She got off the bed and told me that was a lot of fun and she really wanted to do it again later.
She did it that way for months whenever we had the house to ourselves, she would wear just a pair of shorts and rub herself to orgasm on my knee. One day I told her right after I came that I wanted to lick her and she got really excited about it and told me that she really wanted me to do it. She stripped her shorts off and laid back down on the bed spreading her legs right out, she was so flexible back then and she could spread her legs right back to the bed and also pull her feet behind her head. She would watch me lick her and tell me how good it felt, she would spread out her pussy lips and pulling her hood back to expose her clit and tell me to lick and suck on it. She had some really long screaming orgasms from me just licking and sucking on it for an hour. I did not know it at the time but she had a pretty large clit compared to other women I have been with since, it looked a little bigger than the eraser of a pencil and I could role it around with my tongue easily.


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  • First blow job and pussy was my older sister

  • All it took for me to get my hot older sister to do it the first time was telling her. We were messing around for awhile, very physical, flirty, and sexual tension. She knew I wanted her to suck me off, but...Wanted to hear it from me.

    Running errands for her dance team one afternoon, we were both in a revved-up, very sexual mood. It was a humid, hot day, and she only wore her tiny, black bikini top to drive around with me. Her 36C's were nearly out, it was so small and tight. I got UP for her, and she noticed the bulge.

    "If you can tell me what you want..I'll do it" she said. "I just want to hear you say it". And I did, directly telling her "I want you to suck my cock. Go at it". We pulled behind an old, wooden shed (can still see it in my and falling apart), she told me to lean the seat back, I did, and she proceeded to suck, taste, dig her nails, and take in my hard for her cock for a good 15 minutes. All it took was my telling her...I want you to do it.

  • Meanwhile, back in the real world.....

  • Did you end up fucking?

  • Really nice sister

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