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I post and ad explaining that I can host and want my cock sucked. I get like half a dozen responses telling me that my cock looks great and when can they come over. Last night I received three from the time I got off of work until around 11 pm. I do not really consider myself a hot guy with a great cock, I am thirty one years old around six foot two inches tall and weigh about 190 pounds. My cock is about seven inches, cut and I have been told my balls are huge by both men and women. I consider myself to be in good shape and most of the time I have no issue finding a date but for the past few years I just have not wanted to date anyone.
The first guy posted an ad, he was hosting in a hotel room and wanted to suck guys to completion he said. I sent him a picture of my cock, told him about what time I could be there and he responded within minutes with the room number. I showed up and it was just like he said in the ad, he opened the door and kneeled down on the floor. I stood there while he did everything, undid my belt and pants, pulled down my underwear then swallowed and sucked me until I came in his mouth.
I had already responded to my ad and had a guy coming to my place around seven so I got home and had some dinner then sat back to watch some tv. It was just after seven and my doorbell rang. The guy was middle aged and balding, little overweight but not much, he wanted me totally nude for it which was not an issue. We went back to the bedroom and I laid back on the bed while he slowly worked up his nerve. He spent quite a bit of time just using his fingers, stroking me a lot and looking at it. I was actually getting pretty aroused just watching him running his fingers all over me. He finally began by licking my shaft and worked his way up to the head, he was just running his tongue around the head. It was pretty great actually because I had not been teased in a while then he started sucking on me and I knew just by the way he was not applying much pressure that he wanted to suck for a while and he did. I finally had an orgasm about thirty minutes later and he sucked it all down and asked me if I still wanted him to suck. I told him he could suck all he wanted on me and he stayed until around eight thirty constantly sucking and stroking me until I had another orgasm. The guy is truly gifted at cock sucking and wanted to know if he could have my number. I told him lets just keep it to email and he told me that he definitely wanted to come back again.
I was watching some TV completely satisfied with three orgasms for the evening when a guy that responded to my ad sent me a second message asking if I was still interested or not, went on about my pictures telling me he really wanted to lick my balls. I asked him what time he thought he could come over and he was only fifteen minutes away, it was only about ten minutes and my doorbell rang. He wanted me to lay back on the couch so I got a towel out and sat down putting myself on the edge of the couch like he wanted. He kneeled down and began licking and sucking on my balls while slowly stroking my cock with his hand. He had brought along some lube and had put it on my cock as he planned to just stroke me while licking and sucking just my balls. I told him that was fine just no biting, he was also older, like in his sixties I think. He was really slow and at times had my whole ball sack in his mouth just holding them there while he stroked me. He also told me how great my cock and balls looked, he would put his face a few inches from my cock and watch his fingers roll around the head. I guess he had spent all the time he wanted on my balls because he started stroking me hard and fast until I came about five minutes later. He thanked me and left.
I sat back down now feeling completely drained after four orgasms and telling myself that this was incredible to be able to get this all for nothing. Sure I was letting guys suck me off but they wanted to do it and I was pretty sure I was going to email the second one to come suck on me in the afternoon.

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