MIL moved in

My MIL became financially strapped a few years ago when her husband passed on. She was working two jobs and it just was not enough. My wife asked me if it would be okay for her to move in with us because she was really stressed out. I said of course thinking well there goes our privacy and probably my sex life.
We she moved in and things were pretty good, my wife goes out of town for her job every so often and she left for like a four day trip. The first night I was sitting in the living room working and watching the news when my MIL walked in and asked me how I was doing. She asked if I needed anything, snacks drink etc. I told I was good but she brought me a refill on my drink anyways. She sat down on the couch by me and told me how grateful she was for letting her move into the house. I had to admit she was not just doing nothing around the house, the place was immaculate and I told her so. We talked for about half an hour then she told me that I needed to come with her for a minute, she wanted help with something. Once we were in her room she turned around and kneeled down in front of me. I was only wearing a pair of sweats and boxers so when she put her fingers in the waist band it was really easy for her to pull them down. I stood there in amazement as her mouth went to town on my cock, she was very good and I was hard in an instant. She could swallow my whole cock and in a few minutes I was having a great orgasm with her swallowing every bit of me. She continued sucking for a minute or so after I came.
I stood there for a minute telling her that she was crazy and then she told me I could have one of those anytime I wanted to and for a second I felt like I had won the lottery. I laughed for a second and asked why she would do that for me and she told me every man wants that. I could not argue with her on that one but it still felt a little strange.
So here we are a few years later and she is still sucking me off all the time. My wife gets up really early and is out the door and hour before I am in the morning so a lot of the time I get one before going to work. When my wife is away on a business trip she has done this thing a few times now where she will just continuously suck on me for an hour or more. I have had days where I have received ten or so bj's from her.

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  • Fucking lucky

  • 10 blowjobs in a day...sorry but nobody can cum 10 times in a day...

  • I can! And I have on many occasions.

  • Awesome guy, do not move that one out anytime soon.

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