What changed

I love my wife, to this day I think she is beautiful, with a body I love. Years ago I had asked her to wear tops more revealing, she said she really did not feel comfortable doing that. I gave up asking after a while.
A while back, she started doing things without asking me or that did not make sense, one of the things was a so called loan to her brother for 10,000 dollars. I only found that out because her sister let that slip. She thought it was crazy also. She had started to buy things we did not need, it might have been nice but I could not understand why, and without telling me.
As these things happened I would ask her why and to please talk to me first. Each time she would say she was sorry and would say she thought I would like it. Out of all the things I would think we could use or need or want they were low on the list if at all on it.
She at times would stop, but after some time it would happen again. After a while I told her I wanted to talk to someone about it, maybe they could help. She saw no need and said she would stop.
For a while she had not bought anything without us talking. One day she asked if I wanted to go out to a town south of us a ways, and enjoy the day. I thought it would be great we could relax and just look around, have something nice to eat, have a few drinks, just a nice day.
She had showered and I was just getting out of the shower and getting dressed, she came in to put a little make up on. She looked dressed to go, The only thing was, as she came in the room it was easy for me to tell she had no bra on, not a see through top but a semi tight tee shirt, and jeans.
I wanted to say something, but thought if I did she might feel uncomfortable and change. She does not have a big chest but I love it.
We left and enjoyed the day, a good part of my day was spent looking at her chest and noticing other men happy she had no bra on also. It looked like she was unaware when a guy was looking at her chest.
While we were having a drink, she told me she had helped her brother again and lent him 2,000 dollars. Oh shit, She told me, she knew she should have asked, but he needed it bad.
She told me she thought a nice day out and a nice outfit might make it a little easier to tell me. I told her we just don't have the money to keep doing things like that, and do I think her way of telling me was better, well yes I was having fun. But she would have to do the braless thing a lot more often to make up for all the money she has spent. At that time she said she loved me and if I really enjoyed her dressed like that then she would.
My wife is getting better at giving away money, and spending without talking first, and she is also great at exposing her chest, while making it look like she is not aware you can see so much.


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  • Well the money thing is too much. But she does have a great chest, and it gets me nuts when some guy gets a look, thinking she is unaware. It's the whole look. Somehow she does not look the type to do it.

  • She must have a great set of tits for you to put up with that kind of spending.

  • Enjoy your fun while it lasts.

  • Hey, if you can afford it and want her to sex you out of money then more power to you. My wife got out of control once and the next thing I see is about an $8,000 credit card bill, told her she needed to get a weekend job and get that paid off. She was tired of trying to pay it off with a next to nothing paying job so she asked if I would pay it off so at least the interest would not be getting her down. I told her if I pay it off I get to do whatever I want once a week until she paid off the balance. It has been about three years now and I have been having an absolute blast once a week.

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