If he only Knew

I am a 37 year old female, married and I love my husband. He started asking me to wear revealing tops, it came from out of the blue, I wondered why and had a lot of questions. I was unsure if I did this if he could really handle other men looking at my chest. He kept asking so at some point I gave in.
I only have a B-cup so it was easy to wear a low or loose top and a sexy bra and if a guy was to look he could see my bra. Then my husband started asking me to wear no bra. At this point I kind of found the attention made me feel sexy, wanted, I was having fun, but never told him how much I was enjoying it. As time went on he wanted picture's of me in outfits that showed off my body and some topless and nude photo's. We had fun doing so, and later he told me that he had shown them to a guy at a gas station, we live in NJ and they still pump your gas here. I was surprised but found that it was a little exciting to know this guy had seen me like that.
One night after a nice dinner and me in one of his favorite outfits and me having a bit too much to drink, I asked him where this gas station was, he told me and I told him I didn't think I ever had gone there. After a few minute's he asked if I would be willing to go there for gas? I wanted to go, but did not want him to know that. So I said are you sure you want to do that, how much has he seen of me? He told me the pic of me in the open robe, I said then nude? Well you had your robe on, But open.
I told him if he really wanted to then ok.
Minutes before we got there he asked me if I would open my top more so as he looked in the window he could see my chest. I asked in a joking voice if he wanted me to get out of the car to stretch my legs and give him a better look. He just smiled and said,you drive so he is closer and then you can get out of the car and throw away the trash, and give him a look of all of you. When we got there the young man was very happy to see us he knew the car and knew how I looked naked, and now he get's to see it in person.
I made sure he got a good long look at my chest, and yes, my nipple's could have broken glass, At one point I was hoping he might just reach over and feel my chest, I wanted him too and I wanted him after seeing him to bend me over and fuck me in front of Tom. When we got home that's what was on my mind as my husband was pounding me. I love his cock but I think I could handle a young one too.

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  • I love that.

  • My BF has been asking me to wear low cut tops, I too had question's. We have been together for a year, and i have enjoyed our sex life, is this his way of saying he is getting bored? I have yet to tell him I like other men to notice me, I guess in time he will find out. At this point I find it easier to just go along as if I am unsure about what people will see.

  • I thinking were are you in NJ, I would be happy to bend you over.

  • Tell me, How do you feel when you see a woman like me, and what are you thinking

  • Im thinking I love to go down on her and munch her pussy

  • An old boyfriend once took me around town, drinking, and getting high. I was wearing a skirt with no panties and he pulled it up to my waist. You couldn’t tell with my coat closed. When men were near he’d open the coat and finger me, or just let them see. We were approached on the train by a couple guys he let feel me up. One kept reaching behind me and putting his fingers in my pussy, while his friend rubbed my clit. They got off the train before us. We got off at the next stop and fucked like rabbits in an alley. We walked all the way home, stopping to suck and fuck along the way.

  • Thank's I do have some more, and I will share them with you soon.

  • I would have let him take me right there, and if all he wanted was to feel my chest and have me suck on his young cock I would have been happy too, and look forward to the day when my husband ask's for more

  • One of my first jobs was pumping gas at a full service station. Ever Friday night this guy would come in with his wife and always ask me to clean the windows of his car. His wife would always have low cut shirts showing off her smallish tits , never wore a bra and most times her tops were shear to almost being see through. Being in my teens I would get hard just seeing them pull in the station. The last time they came in as I was cleaning the windshield she opened her top showing me her naked tits. When I came around to her side of the car to clean her window it was rolled down and her husband tells me they are leaving the area and have been having a great time with me so he wanted to give me a present before they left. Next thing he is telling his wife to open the door , she turns with her legs out has me standing in front of her letting me play with her tits while she takes my cock out and jerks me off. Her husband just kept telling her how hot she looked playing with my cock and I shot my load on her tits. She put her legs back in the car and they drove away , her still wearing my cum.To the OP it will keep going further until you are fucking the guy in front of your husband!

  • Thank you, I am having a lot of fun and he love's it.

  • More stories please

  • Sounds like the beginning of being a hot wife

  • Great story. I have read it several times. Great to be able to show off your body to strangers and they like it.

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