New life

After a horrible marriage to a man that not only left me but left town with a girl who is a little more than half his age. I came to the conclusion that it was him not me. Our friends are all still my friends and we have many wonderful evenings and days together. On the day of Halloween I was setting up for a Halloween party at my house , when a few of the guys showed up to help. They kept pestering me about what I was going to dress up as and flirting with me. So I said to them what do you think I should dress as. They had all kinds of sexy thoughts in regards to my costume. They were very adamant about nylons,heels and for what ever reason a man's tie lol. After we had everything set up they were all about me getting ready early because they had brought their costumes and wanted to start the party early. While in my room looking over my costume ( princess btw ) It just came over me I put on my thigh high nylons,my tall black heels and a tie my husband left behind. That's it. I threw a robe over myself and went to the room the guys were in. They looked at me with total lust they asked me to take of my robe and when I did I became a person that most people would consider a slut. I had sex with the 3 of them so many times that at the end my legs were wobbly and I had to lean on the wall just to stand. During the party out of the blue my ex showed up apparently the girl he left me for left him. I'm still not sure why but after many drinks, some crying and screaming we got back together.

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  • Wish I could have been one of those 3 guys

  • Well that's very nice of you to say

  • U still seeing the other guys?

  • Not every day but yes

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