Real Male Chastity

I discovered there were chastity devices for men on the internet. I really never knew. So when we had the privacy that comes with an empty nest I spoke to my wife about it. We were both intrigued but my wife was very hesitant. She wondered if it was healthy, she wondered if it was cruel. But we discussed it. About a year later we purchased a device. Early devices were toys, but an expensive metal cage is not. It took months to get used to wearing it and it was frustrating at times. She was surprised I stayed with it. That was in 2010. Today she is the keeper of the keys and enjoys the benefits of an of a husband always ready to be intimate. We had a little ceremony and a romantic dinner where I officially asked her to make me wear it. She never forced me. Now I’m one of those guys that secretly wears a chastity device and get one or two orgasms a month. She gets many more but we both love it.

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  • A phase we went thru having shared my wife and one of the guys who fucked her had a huge cock. My wife said how she never orgasmed like he made her with his cock. It turned me on and I enjoyed hearing her and told her to tease me when we would have sex. One night she said next time we have him over she wants me to stand with my cock in a noose she could tighten while he fucked her. I agreed sounded fun he looked at me like I was crazy to let her do this to me. She made us stand next to each other teasing me slapping his cock across mine it hurt. Look how much more he fucks me with she screamed look look you little prick. We both laughed she tightened the noose screaming you think it’s funny you get to fuck me you skinny little prick. I grunted my cock and balls swollen and in pain the guy grimaced looking away. Your going to watch how a real man can satisfy me the way you should but can’t. He started pounding my wife hard then she was riding him smirking at me screaming how thick his clock was. I felt like cumming but couldn’t due to the noose my hands tied behind my back I was hurting. When she finally took the noose off I squirted a huge load as I rammed my cock down her throat. It was one of my best experiences pretty wierd why I liked it and wanted to do it again

  • I honestly don't know what goes throughs peoples minds. If you have an empty nest, You should be fucking all the time. Wearing a cage and being denied sex is WEIRD as fuck. Freaks the lot of you.

  • That's fine if you don't like it don't do it but I assure you you are missing a lot of fun

  • Seriously, tell me what is fun about it. I dont get it.

  • You should try a plastic cock cage with internal locking device they are by far the best

  • I have a plastic cage. There was too much heat buildup with it for me. I have what must be a near perfect fit with the metal cage. Pretty comfortable for short or long wear. I could slip out of the plastic device. But haven’t been able to with the metal. The metal is very secure.

  • I just can't understand the fun in not fucking.

  • Truth.

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