My friend saw my wife sleeping

My best friend always liked my wife and told me how cute she was. He was over one morning and she came home after working all night. She took a pill the doctor gave her to sleep and went right to bed. I told my friend that she was out cold in a few minutes after taking the pill. That gave me an idea and after about an hour, I asked him if he wanted to go check on her. Of course he did. We went into the room and it was dark except for a night light by the bed. My wife was sleeping under the sheets and we called her name and she didn't stir. I was surprised when my friend when right over and pulled the sheet down. She was in a night shirt and laying on her stomach. He then pulled up her night shirt and her rear was exposed. He then pulled out his key chain and it had a small flash light on it. He turned it on and I watched him look at my wife's rear close up. He then bent down and kissed her crack. It was very sexy to see and we crept out and he shook my hand and said what a nice butt she has.

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  • My wife has been completely exposed, she lays completely naked on the bed pretending to be asleep. So when my friends have to use the restroom they can see everything

  • I was hoping he'd taken a cell phone photo. That'll be for next time.

  • That’s wrong. Your wife expects you to keep her safe and respect her. Nice job, loser

  • You are a good friend.

  • ... and a lousy husband.

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