Finally my wifey was bad

I finally caught wife cheating on me . I got rock hard the second I found out . She says she likes the way her fucks her and his cock is bigger. I cant get enough of her now, we fuck like rabbits and I cant stop eating her pretty pussy.
She's planning on seeing him again, I'm going to wait in the hotel lobby like a little lost puppy and wait till she's done, then get my seconds. Eventually we hope he will do her in front of me. I love my sexy cock craving wife.

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  • What was it that got her to cheat.
    Hers was a co worker. He was very young and wanted my wife really bad. They met after work one day when they went to her car and made out. She admitted to sucking him off and swallowing him.
    They would still meet but at lunch she would suck him off and then as soon as he got a place nearby work she started to meet at his place. They would fuck the entire day. I wasn’t getting sex for months. Someone finally from work I know finally ratted her out to me.i reminded her of how she humiliated me. Asked her why. She said the ex with him was so wild. He was young, he was wild and sex with him was so much different. He could last forever and she felt so young fucking him. She told me she wanted him like she could not even remember wanting someone. All the ladies thought he was hot and were jealous he wanted her. It was only supposed to be flirty but it got out of control.I finally got on a website and put an ad out and made arrangements to meet him. We drank up that night and I watched him fuck her hard with his huge cock and asked her if that’s what she wanted. She was in so much pleasure and answered yes!!! I love the feelin. Of big cock and she said she loved me for it

  • I've always told her she can have whatever she wants. I'm looking forward to the next date.

  • My wife keeps me happy even though I have a small dick,I don't expect much sex,only now and again.She gets all the sex she needs from her lover.I knew about it before but had never seen it until I caught her one evening.Seeing her naked on all fours moaning and taking that guys huge cock was truly a sight that changed me.I realised that even though she's my wife her pussy will never belong to me again.I'm lucky to get it sometimes but just know she prefers taking that 9 inch one.

  • Why would she want to fuck your little rabbit cock after she admitted to cheating on you and him having a bigger cock?
    I think your fantasizing about someone you wish she would fuck. But hey, that’s not bad.

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