Anyone else feel this about the show "King of Queens"?

I have been watching this show for awhile, aside from noting how attractive the character Carrie is, and what Doug looks like etc.
Obviously they are a happily married couple.
But a lot of episodes feel like they have either an open relationship or cuckold based love life.
I am probably just over thinking it.
But numerous episodes where Doug sarcastically mentions Carrie trying to impress her "boy friends" or men in general.
There is an obvious attraction from Carrie towards Deacon.
Especially when he tells her what looks good on her, etc.
The episode where Carrie and Doug try and escape the bed and breakfast, Doug fails and Carrie is later seen with two men dancing in a night club while Doug is stuck at the house.
Once again, maybe I am over thinking it, but in my mind it's kinda hot thinking of Carrie being fucked by men who are well hung in comparison to Doug.

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  • I've always thought the show had an underlying theme of a Hotwife marriage. In fact, there is more than one episode where Doug encourages Carrie to flirt and use her sexuality to gain an advantage. There is one episode where Carrie goes on several dates with another guy and tells him she is single. Doug is often at home alone, or with his friends, while Carrie is out with her friends, or socializing with lawyers or other professional businessmen in very sexually stimulating environments.

    To my wife and I, there is no doubt in our minds Carrie and Doug enjoyed an alternative lifestyle where she was free to play with other men. We are sure it was very sexually gratifying for them both.

  • I'm so glad you said that because I've thought the same thing! And I think Carrie would be a wonderful hotwife and could dominate any man and "carry" the relationship herself! Love your post!

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