Wife needs a boyfriend

So I have a very tiny penis that rolls up inward my body. With that being said I do have a wife but recently I feel like she deserves a bigger guy down there. I sometimes wear her panties and jerk off in them and even have dreams where I’m her having sex as her with another guy.

I feel like I’m keeping her back from having the greatest sex ever. Seeing other guys on cams makes me feel more and more insecure about my dick and just imagining one of those normal size ducks in her makes me wish she would.

Jul 4
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Next Confession

I(20M) like looking at my pics where I'm dressed like a girl

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    • Wow I'm glad I found this post cause I got the same problem and thought it was just me with the penis rolling in ward. Makes me feel really small sometimes erections were hard to maintain especially after I had gotten really badly sick few years ago. We live a busy stressful life with our jobs and 2 kids. I eventually open my wife up to bringing in someone to satisfy her sexual needs. So Once a month when kids spend a night at the grandparents. On at least 7 different times now we invite my old co worker from my previous job over named Jason. He is a 46 year old black man. He comes over and takes care of my wifes needs. On all 7 different times so far he has come over to fuck my wife he has exploded massive loads of cum inside her. On at least two occasions my wife was extremely horny he fucked her 3 times in one night. I'm just shocked she didn't get pregnant from the amount of cum he put in her those nights.

    • I had the same problem as you do I felt sorry for my wife because I have a tiny penis. She always said that it was okay because we could do other things in order to satisfy her sexual needs. I was really good at eating her pussy and I could make her cum that way and I used dildos on her and she got me a strapon to fuck her with. What got me thinking about her fucking other men was when I was fucking her with the strapon she would say that she wished that my dick was this big and how good it felt. We sat down and talked about my problem and that I really couldn't make her happy in bed like a real man could. She thought about what I suggested that she should find a guy that she was happy with and she could have sex with. A couple of months went by and I was eating her pussy when she told me that she wanted to fuck someone else if I really wanted her to. It turned out to be a good thing and she was always honest with me about what she was doing and she never treated me any different or less than a man when she started fucking other guys. Men like us with tiny little dicks have to allow their wives to have their fun and enjoy themselves in order to keep our marriage going. My wife has been fucking other men for 20 years now and we are still married today.

    • Tell me about your wife. I may be willing to help give her some satisfaction

    • Tell me a little about your wife. I may be willing to help another guy out if you know what I mean.

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