Training course

The company I work for sent 6 people on a 3 day training course, 2 night stay in a hotel, 4 of them are from a different department that I didn’t know, the person I did know was a 54 yo woman that was my OM (operations manager) in my department.
I’m a 24 yo male working my way up the ladder so I was very excited about being sent on this course.
I got a text from my OM saying meet in the hotel bar at 7pm
I couldn’t believe my eyes when seeing my OM I know her as this middle age lady that is a bit bossy and the clothes she wears are like she has had for years and a hairstyle that’s never styled!
She had a really low cut top on with her tits pretty much popping out, a shortish skirt with black tights and high heels, she was getting looks, unfortunately more to do with her struggling to walk in high heels!
I’m networking with other regions staff and kept seeing my OM she was getting drunk, a little later she is proper drunk!
I said come on I will help you to your room, I have one arm around her keeping her upright while people are parting to give me room.
She is calling me darling and saying you have always been my favourite, you’re a good boy.
In her room I put her on the sofa, don’t leave me she said stay with me, I said you need to sleep, come on then she said let’s sleep together, she then got up and started undressing saying come on let’s have sex.
She grabbed my hand and pulled me saying bedroom now, she is still half dressed and asked me to take the rest off, I did but left her bra and knickers, she is now trying to cuddle me saying come on while groping me.
Do what you want to me I’m all yours she said...
After 10 minuets saying no I’m now in bed with her! It was like the sex sobered her up a bit, we started changing positions and had a great time.
Bit uncomfortable the next day but we spoke about work and nothing about last night.
That night in the bar she was not drinking, all socialising nicely and she looked at me and hooded her head upwards, I watched her walk out the bar and just before she was out of sight she turned around and looked at me.
A few minutes later I went to her room, she opened the door and said, I was hoping you would come.
It didn’t take me 10 minuets this time, we spent all night having sex.
Since being back at work nothing between us has happened apart from she is a lot nicer to me.

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