What’s she doing?

At work I see this one female customer every day at the same time, we always say hello and have a couple minutes chat.
This has been going on for two months now, the short conversation we have about day to day stuff has now lead to it being more personal.
She has been saying she is not happy, needing a little extra in her life and wanting more fun.
She has also said, she thinks I’m a catch and must have lots of female attention if only I could meet someone like you. (If only she knew)!
She makes lots of comments about my appearance, my hair the size of my hands and so on.
I go away not knowing what to think because, I don’t get any female attention, I’m not handsome as she has said, nor I’m I any of the other comments she has mentioned.
I’m not putting myself down I would happily enjoy comments like this if it wasn’t from a very wealthy lady, wealthy being that she drives a new Bentley, she lives in the area that is known for houses to be 3m plus, she is also stunning, she looks amazing like she has just stepped out of a salon, her clothes look very expensive along with her lifestyle, holiday villas in two countries.
Is she just being polite or does she really want some of me!
The last thing I want to do is make an ass of myself.

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  • Best advise here is the previous guy, sounds like a cracker of a response, puts the ball back in her court to respond. You'll know straight away if she wants you or is Fucking with you. It's true there's a lot of men and woman who are punching way above their Mark, it's the law of attraction, sometimes it just doesn't make sense. I'm one of em, I'm soooo lucky with my missus, she was 17 I was 26, when we hooked up. Just go for it man. As long as you put it to her the right way like suggested it leaves it up to her for the next move. Good luck.

  • Tell her you're saving yourself for her. It comes off like a joke but gives a massive chance to up her game with you. Have fun!

  • Sweetie best to make an ass of yourself and find out than to die wondering, go for her

  • Nothing to loose by fishing for more.

  • She clearly wants you. Women don't make those kinds of comments unless she wants something.

  • It's a odd thing how some people are attracted to some and others are not. Dude I am so married way over my head to a wife that can have her pick of who she chooses. I am so out of my league but something about me she was and is attracted to and then she fell in love with me.

    If the lady is giving you positive attention I would not pass up the shot at it.

  • OMG. she wants your sperm in her womb and ass.

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