Wife always seems to attract the wrong kind of attention

My wife always seems to be getting groped, she has big natural breasts and guys just can't seem to keep their hands off them, the most memorable time was when we were on holiday and visited a water park. It was quite busy and my wife had become separated from me in the long queue on the stairway to the top of the slide, I noticed that there were a group of young guys between us and I could see that they were chatting to her from my position behind. Then one of the guys started playing with the tied fastening on the back of her bikini top, next thing I knew they had undone it and as she reached back to try to refasten it they were grabbing her exposed breasts. I tried to push my way through to stop them but the stairway was too narrow. Although I was angry, I couldn't help feeling aroused at the same time and had to cover my erection. When they reached the top of the steps and the opening of the slide my wife appeared to have refastened her bikini top and had sat down waiting for the signal to go and before I could reach them, one of these guys positioned himself directly behind her with his legs either side and his arms tightly around her waist, I knew he would be groping her all the way down, but couldn't do anything about it. We talked about it afterwards and she was just as excited as I was about what had happened. That feeling of helplessness is so hot, you know what is about to happen, but you are powerless to stop it and can only imagine the parts you don't see.

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  • As a young teen In started developing quite young 11 and having B cups already I started getting a lot of attention I didn't really want. At 13 I lost my virginity to a 28 year old father of three I was baby sitting for. This went on for nearly five months before his wife caught him.
    Guys in school were always grabbing at my breasts and I started getting turned on by it. Unfortunately that led to getting grabbed in other places as well and ended up having sex anywhere from 2 times a day to well over 10, kids my age to a lot younger to a lot older even married men. I learned to love cock and I felt empty without one in me any time.
    I've had many trains ran on me even several orgy's and when I had to live with my grandparents for a year while our house was being rebuilt after the fire there were no guys around and I went to the dogs really.

  • Powerlessness is insanely erotic! Helplessness -- the inability to intervene -- so all you can do is watch as another [or others] take over and command your wife's sexual response is maddening, beautiful ... and seems profoundly RIGHT.

    Since you've discussed this and discovered that your wife is equally aroused by these circumstances, you have a foundation on which to build.

    Read this man's experience [ http://tinyurl.com/jmzmfe5 ] and his reaction to circumstances beyond his control. Perhaps you'd care to share it with your wife 'since it reminded you of the slide' and get her reaction to it.

    Reading, discussion and ongoing sharing of fantasies can bring many things to fruition.

  • I have always been attracted by women with large natural breasts and ended up marrying one, but only to find that it can also be a curse, as I find myself continuously in protection mode warding off the other men that think that if she wears a tight top of shows any cleavage, then she must be advertising for their attention. Teenage boys are the worst as they don’t even pretend to be discreet when they stare at her boobs. How do women cope with this continuous unwelcome interest?

  • My wife loves the attention from these encounters and to be honest, I don’t really mind, as long as it goes no further.
    There have been a couple of occasions where guys have stepped over the line with touching and I needed to step in and close it down, but I am a big well-built guy, so they soon back off when they see me walk over. I completely trust my wife so if it brings her pleasure that is OK by me.

  • I am a guy and at the time my best friend at the time was a petite blond with a body and figure to stop traffic. I saw her get hit on a lot. I asked her how she deals with it. She told me she got hit on everyday of her life and got so tired of it and tunes it out. Basically ignores all of it.

    That was many years ago and we are still best friends. She fell in love with me and I had no idea. I finally came out and asked her if she was after I was getting a strange vibe from her. We married a couple years after that. Now I am on guard duty as it would seem. Guys try to pick up on her even with me standing there.

  • I quit dating really attractive women for that reason. You go out anyplace and guys start going after them. Each time and it’s tiresome.

  • I am so proud to walk into a place or go somewhere with an undeniably beautiful wife on my arm, but brother you speak truth. It does get tiresome and that proud feeling is replaced with the same lame guy game that is usually coming.

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