Girlfriend taken advantage of by her boss

My girlfriend took a job as a waitress in a small restaurant, I didn't know at the time, but she was groped mercilessly every single day she worked there. It had started with the men in the kitchen copping a feel of her boobs when she had her hands full of plates. She knew that breakages would be deducted from her wages, so had to put up with it until she could put them down. When one of them tried to finger her, she complained to the manager, but he just laughed it off as a bit of harmless fun. After that he used to call her back to his office after work. As soon as she was in there he would make her expose her tits and bend her forward with her hands on the desk, then he would play with her from behind, before roughly fucking her over the desk. This went on for months until she finally managed to find a new job and even though he was old and unattractive, she admitted that she couldn't prevent herself from having an orgasm every single time he forced himself on her.

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  • My wife worked in a shoeshop , and every so often they would have stocktakes when they would shut the shop to do the checks , my wife was the most desirable women who worked there she always wore short skirts highheels nice tops , I didn't mind I liked her looking nice but every time they did a stocktake the area manager would want her to help him upstairs , every body else would do downstairs , my wife told me he would squeeze past her holding on to her waste , he did not have to go down that isle but he would do it all the time , my wife said one day she caught her tights on a rail and he said take them off and get a new pair for free so she did but he said don't put the new ones on , put the oldones in my bin , she noticed they had gone later , I wonder where and what did he want them for ? also kept making her go up ladders to check stock it was always at the top , also making her stretch her Leg out to reach shoeboxes in awkward places , He was always standing behind her holding a ladder he didn't need to hold , what do you think he was looking for ?

  • Work in food service and have been groped more times than I can count--hands touching ass, crotches brushing up against me, hands and elbows scraping across my boobs. I've had guys blatantly ask me for sex. In my younger days I might have gone there, but I'm not doing that shit.

  • I am the only girl working in the packing department of a large warehouse. The guys are always trying to grope me when they get the chance and to be honest I don’t really mind, in fact it is quite a turn on. I got a bit carried away and let one of the younger fit looking guys finger me while we were alone in the tea room, but now he has bragged to all his mates and they all want the same.

  • My boss takes me away on business all the time, he always books adjoining rooms or a double for us to share so that he can have me when he wants. He wines and dines me, but treats me like a slut in the bedroom. He likes to have me tied to the bed so that he can do what he likes. On one trip he called down for wine during the night and when the porter brought it to the room he let the guy cum in my mouth. I like assertive men and find the unpredictable and sometimes kinky sex exciting.

  • This shit happens all the time. My boss exposes his penis to me all the time and makes sexual suggestions. My husband wants to clean his clock but we can't afford for me to lose my job. There is scarce employment and here. Some of the other women put out for him to secure vacation and other days off. I won't.

  • Just make sure you select the place for this to happen, have it recorded or witnessed at least, then you can blackmail them right back. Don't forget to make it sound like shes being forced or raped they will love it, until their wives see it.

  • I had an affair with my boss and foolishly let him take pictures of me while I was sucking him off at work. When I recently tried to end the relationship, he told me that if I don't sleep with his friends in a threesome, he will send the pictures he has to my husband. I don't want to lose my marriage, so not sure if I should give him what he wants

  • You may end up becoming the fuck toy or your boss and all his buddies

  • It depends on how you fell about the alternatives; it could be quite an adventure. I would be tempted to go with the threesome if there is a chance you will enjoy it and then see if you can charm him in letting you have the pictures back. Every pleasure comes at a price.

  • It does make me angry that she allowed her co-workers to take advantage of her, but knowing how she is, I can understand why she let her disgusting boss abuse her.

  • I feel bad about it but nothing I can do about it. I literally trained my cute and sexy Office Manager to fuck and suck me at my asking. It was doable as she was ditsy. She fell in love with me as she said which scared the shit out of me as I was married with kids. I subsequently replaced her.

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