Exposing my wife

When I get her drunk she loses her inhibitions and it allows me to indulge myself. A couple of years ago we went on holiday and she was sunbathing on a balcony that was overlooked on both sides and from the building opposite. Being topless was no big deal to her as everyone does it. After a good few hours of drinking she was very drowsy and I kept making sure she had sunscreen all over her especially on her tits, and started to rub her pussy through her bikini bottoms, She was getting wet and didn't seem to realise where she was and so didn't stop me. As it was our last day there before we moved on and no one knew us I decided to push things a little. After a little more rubbing with my hand inside her bikini bottoms I unfastened the side strings and pulled them off her. She laid there for about five minutes complete naked and in view of anyone who cared to look before I fastened her back up and took her inside. Five minutes may not seem like a long time but it was enough for me to get my camera and for some people to see everything. At least one guy opposite was taking photos of her. I would just love to see them on the net!
Anyone want to see?

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  • Me danielsneddon2014@gmail.com

  • Me too! avon88@protonmail.com

  • I'd love to see her pics. fallen3469@gmail.com

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