Hypno party follow on

At the end of the party my boss asked if I would mind letting Karen be hypnotised and fucked again , only if I can watch I said and so we sorted a plan.
I had left somd documents at home on porpose and asked Karen to drop them in on the way to work , we were all set I was in the bosses office with him and the hypnotist and two clients from Japan .The last time they visited the boss took them to a massage parlour this time Karen would be their entertainment. The office door knocked and Karen came in , she said hello to the boss and the hypnotist moved forward and shook her hand, remember me Karen he said , she nodded yes you were at the party . Thats right he said still shaking her hand , I could see Karens eyes start to flutter , and your feeling so tired and relaxed again arent you , yes she nodded her eyes starting to close , good girl he said going deeper and deeper into a wonderful wet dream land , Karens eyes closed her head dfopping to her chest , good girl Karen you like being a slut dont you , she nodded , he moved her towards the bosses desk still talking to her , he lent her forwards putting her hands on the desk and lifted up her skirt to show her white silky panties. The 2 japanese guys didnt need any encouragement their hands were soon in her panties and bra quickly followed by the one guy fucking her while the other sucked her tits and swopping when the one came, the boss added his cock after the other one had finished.

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  • I use to live next door to a couple and his wife decided to stop smoking and she went to a hypnosis for treatments and he had placed a go word in her sub conscious mind when ever she heard it well put it this way she became a cock hungry whore till she heard the stop word.

    Things went well for her for she did quit smoking and has remained stopped for the past five years but for her husband well he gets what he wants almost daily and she can't refuse him. Lucky him.

  • Does seem a bit pointless posting with negative comments perhaps scrolling past would be a better idea for the haters

  • No not really the posters that just tell outright lies or exagerate to the point of disbelief need to know that readers are not all fools

  • I wouldn't mind seeing you put your wife where your mouth is. By that, I mean I'd like to see a very skilled and talented hypnotist offer a demonstration involving your wife. Totally unethical, of course, but yet so very deserved ...

  • I am not too sure your Hypno stories are true I think you could be making them up eh ?

  • I can't see the point of inventing hypnosis stories since the reality is so much better than any inventions.

    A woman is never more beautiful than when she is drifting into trance and unaware of her beauty. And those fluttering eyes as she succumbs to trance? Absolutely nothing on this planet is more erotic!

    I'd give my left testicle to live in whatever city this guy resides!

  • I love your story

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