My wife works in a supermarket during her brakes she got talking to a girl from another department , She told me they got on really well , Anyway they ended up good friends my wife told her that she was married , Karen my wife's new friend said she had just ended a relationship and told my wife she was a lesbian , Anyway one night me and my wife went up town for a few drinks we ended up bumping into Karen , We all walked home together when it came to going are separate ways I said bye , Then karen kissed my wife on the mouth only for a few seconds but my wife pulled away I said it's ok your best friends have a nice kiss , This time they didn't disappoint Karen got stuck in put her tongue in my wife's mouth , My wife responded by doing the same this went on for a while before we finally made are way home, My wife said didn't you mind us kissing , I said no it looked sexy a bit of a turn on I asked my wife if she liked the kiss , She said very much then my wife said I bet you would like me and Karen to go down on each other , It was turning me on I said yes I would , Then she said use a strap on and suck each others tits , My wife don't normally talk like that ,I said yes I would I really would , Then my wife said every Wednesday me and Karen fuck in are bed , Then she said I could watch but I have to promise not to touch either of them , Cant wait

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  • Brakes are for cars you idiot. Breaks are for doing your wife.

  • I think the point is his wife is having a lesbian affair.

  • No he just wants her to. One kiss does not make an affair.

  • It is more than a kiss, they fuck every Wednesday.

  • I honestly thought he was trying to say she was talking to someone while getting her brakes done.

  • Lube and brake job, sure why not. Mechanics are known to trade sex for car repairs. Same for car sales guy, one bud almost always gets a blow job or fuck from some stupid blonde that thinks she is getting a deal for the car, when in fact he fucks her over on the car while he fucks her pussy

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