My School Trip Adventure

Why is it that some women always seem to attract unwelcome attention from men as they go about their everyday lives, from being groped on the train, to the wandering hands of the men in the bar on a night out, even back in High School, Karen was one of the girls regularly singled out for this type of male attention.
I knew her in the last year of school and there were always stories going around of her antics at parties, or being pounced on by groups of boys on her way home across the school playing fields. There were lots of incidents; I don’t know if they were all true, or whether some were just wishful thinking, but there were quite a few guys that claimed to have seen her tits or even fingered her.
I always felt envious when I used to hear these stories and before we started dating I often fantasised about having been there to witness or take part in one of these events. Then one day I got my wish, we were on an end of term geography trip which included a night away camping. Everyone in the group was really looking forward to it. When the day finally arrived we were all excitedly waiting outside for the bus to pick us up, I looked around to see if I could see Karen amongst the group but she was late that day.
When the doors opened I was one of the first to board the bus and made straight for the back seat, as far away from the teachers as possible. Almost everyone was on board when I saw Karen being dropped off by her dad; she boarded the bus and made her way down the centre isle to the cheers and whistles of the guys acknowledging her late arrival and the tight jeans and sweater that she was wearing.
There was just one seat left right at the back and just one row in front of me and she gave me a smile as she sat down just before the bus pulled away. As expected, the tight sweater got her the usual attention and it wasn't very long before some of the guys decided to try their luck, sliding their hands around the edge of the seat and trying to cop a feel of her boobs. I had a great view from where I was sitting and my excitement grew as she tried to brush away their groping hands, although every now and then I noticed that she would let one of them stay on target squeezing for just a few extra second before pulling them away. She was such a tease and obviously used to this kind of situation. I am sure she was enjoying all the attention.
There were people standing up to retrieve belongings from the overhead storage, so it didn't look out of place when my friend Adam got up and stood right in front of her, he signalled to me and one of the other guys to hold her arms so she couldn't struggle and I watched enviously as he used both hands to have a really good feel of her tits. One of the teachers had noticed the number of people standing up and shouted back for everyone to sit down immediately. I thought that this would bring our fun to an abrupt end, but we still had a couple of hours journey and Adam was determined to continue what he had started, he took hold of Karen’s hand and pulled her onto the back seat with us, she didn't resist at all and ended up sitting between us and shielded from view by the back of the seat in front. Without a word Adam’s hand went straight back on her tits, but his time he leaned her forward and asked me to unclip her bra. I slid my hand up the back of her sweater and expertly unclipped it with one hand. He was kissing her now and had his hand under her clothes, I noticed that now she was out of view, she wasn't resisting at all and seemed happy for him to continue fondling her tits. I thought that he was going to keep her to himself, so was very surprised when he nodded to me and lifter her sweater to expose her stunning boobs to me.
Wow, they were just amazing, so soft and warm as my eager fingers caressed and sank into the silky flesh, I could feel her nipples harden as they traced across them with my fingers, I leaned across to kiss her and she offered no resistance. That was how we spent the rest of the journey with Karen squeezed between us and responding to our touches and kisses. We were so horny by now and I
Adam and I were sharing a tent that night, but with some gentle persuasion, we ended up sharing Karen that night. She was amazing, by far the best fuck I ever had, she knew how to fuck and suck cock and we took turns with her all night long.


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  • My name is Amanda and during my junior year I let two guys have their way with me and inside of a month around school it was like all the boys slept with me. Fucking rumors...
    My senior year I only dated men not boys and they didn't seem to spread rumors like teens do, when I say men I mean men who are over 25 nothing younger and that's how I met my husband. When we got married after going together for three years he was 30 and I was just 20.
    I AM 24 now and I regret to say last month a high school kid I slept with got hold of me just wanted to have lunch together and I thought harmless ok so I went. Well he fucked me three timed that afternoon and I'll never see him again. I HOPE....;

  • I knew a girl like this in my school days, she would never behave like that when other girls were present, but if the boys could get her on her own she would let them do anything they wanted. I have a memory of her walking back from the sports field with a group of boys one lunch time and she still had some of their cum on her school uniform

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