Men, should my boyfriend be mad at me?

So when I'm on my time of the month my boyfriend is left unsatisfied. We don't have sex because I cramp too much and honestly it grosses me out. Today, I let slip that I had masturbated earlier and he got really upset he wasn't included. I informed him that it was clitoral which is all I can manage until my cramps go away. Apparently him being included meant he expected a blow job, which would have only left him satisfied, not me. Does he have a right to be angry? I understand him being upset at me a little because we haven't had sex in days and I haven't given him so much as a hand job but let me give you some background. He has a desensitized penis. If I'm pleasuring him he is only really happy with a blow job (he says he can do a hand job himself), but because he is desensitized it can often take up to forty-five minutes. I choke during most of it and often times throw up or severely gag at least once. My throat and jaw are then sore for a couple of days. It is a pretty awful experience. He also takes it personally if I don't swallow. So overall, I'm completely miserable during it and sore after it. I also have to not eat for several hours beforehand or I will throw up what I ate beforehand because I have a really sensitive gag reflex. Now my question is, should he be angry about me masturbating and not taking care of him?

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    • I would love to be your man and will not get angry if you hate to give me bj. at facebook

    • A blowjob would be nice, but if it makes you uncomfortable, he should know and respect that.

    • It would be nice to get a blowjob, but really, he shouldn't get angry. Me, I'm more for loving a girl than focusing on sex, so I'd like it if you pleasured yourself and still cuddled afterwards.

    • That sounds perfect to me! After I posted this I actually asked him if he wanted to masturbate with me, so we could both get nice and sated and he just kind of gave me a weird look. :(

    • Not to get into your business, but think you deserve someone better. Also, the days where you're not feeling that great, I'd be happy just to suck on your tits, lick your ass (if we both like it. Something I always wanted to do.) and/or cum on you. If I'm with a girl I love, I'm easy.

    • Hell NO!! he is an idiot dump his dumb ass!!

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