Big Mistake

Im 34 and petite. i have small breasts but i have a round muscular butt. I have been told that im pretty. i have brown hair and green eyes.

Anyway my boyfriend and i like to talk dirty to each other in bed. one of his favorite 'go-tos' is having multiple guys fuck me. i admitted to him that idea turned me on but i could never do it except in out fantasy. then he calls me a whore and a slut and other names that turn me on.

then he started talking about tying me up. no way i told him. well lately we seem to be drifting apart and our sex life is almost gone. I figured that i would let him tie me up to see if it would help our sex life and make him happy.

After the last time we had our fantasy sex, the usual stuff that turns me on, i told him that i would let him tie me up. that Saturday i was nervous but i let him tie me.

I took off all my clothes and got on the bed. first, he tied my wrists so that my arms were outstretched then he tied my shins to my calves then tide them so i that my knees were pulled up toward my chest the spread open pretty wide.

He has access to my pussy and butt. what i wasn't expecting was a ball gag. once i was tied he took pictures. i didn't agree to that but i was helpless to do anything about it.

He took about 20 pictures when i heard a soft knock. he turned and said "come in!" i heart sank as i watched 4 of his buddies come in the room. i was so humiliated they were seeing me like this. if that wasnt bad enough they all began to strip. my boyfriend announced "the whore is all yours." i panicked. was he really going to let then fuck me?

strangely i felt myself getting hot and wet down there. was i really a whore? i was about to find out because his best friend was climbing on the bed and he was rock hard and bigger then my boyfriend.

he pushed his cock in me and announced "hey she really wet and hot! she really wants this!" then he began to fuck me. was her right? i orgasmed pretty quickly. he continued to fuck me. what my boyfriend didnt tell them was they needed to pull out. i am not on birth control.

i had this big cock inside me and it felt really good. i already had one orgasm when i hear him announce that he was going to cum. I couldnt say anything with the gag in my mouth and my boyfriend said nothing. he was going to cum inside me and I dont know why but that made me nervous. when i felt his hot cum inside me i orgasmed again! Oh my God that felt good. that was the first time i experienced that feeling. it wouldnt be the last. that night they all came inside me several times. i lost count of how many orgasms i had.

they even butt fucked me a few times. they used and played with my body all night. every place on me was sore in the morning. my pussy, my butt and my tits especially my nipples.

How i didnt get pregnant that night was pure luck. i had my period 2 days later. my boyfriend announced that if we are to stay together i will have to fuck his buddies whenever he tells me to.

i feel like such a slut but i am really enjoying being a sex toy. i never would have imagined i would. there have been times a 2am i had to go over to one of his buddies and let them use me until they were satisfied. most times i really like it but sometimes they get too rough. i have been spanked so hard that i couldnt sit for 2 days.

because i am muti orgasmic i have been orgasm tortured. i was made to have nonstop orgasms for a full day. it was draining but wow! i am a slut!

Jul 22
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