My Sleeping Wife

I don't know where this comes from, I say that because I truly love my Wife, But I have these thoughts of watching a couple of younger guys taking turns having sex with my wife while she is asleep, I don't want her to be hurt or harmed in any way neither do I want her to be woken from her sleep

Jul 31
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    • Https://

      And my wife still doesn't know that I Let And Watched My Friend do this to Her Nipple

    • Would like to see for myself.

    • Ether or chloroform works too. Doesn't hurt to give her a muscle relaxer with it.

    • I don't want her hurt I just want to watch 2 or 3 different guys use her for their pleasure while she is asleep and without waking her up

    • I have let friends of mine fuck my passed out wife. I figure if she wants to be a black out drunk then my friends can bang her.

    • And that's what I would truly love to see and watch happen to my wife, to watch them cum Deep inside her sleeping pussy would be so awesome, I would love to watch my friends take turns fucking and cumming inside my wife while she is asleep

    • If she is being fucked she will awaken

    • Not always. I know women who won’t wake for anything

    • Early in our marriage my husband got into wanting to weird stuff like this, and worse. Since my husband knew I let past boyfriends take naughty pictures and video me I knew I couldn't stop my husband from taking these. I had really mixed feelings about KNOWING he was showing them to our friends.

      After a while showing off our private photos wasn't enough, and he started sharing our private videos. That led him to wanted us to do even more. Him wanting to watch guys having sex with me happed pretty fast. I felt forced and decided I had to divorce him or find a compromise.

      I was willing to take a date grape drug or sleeping pills but I didn't want to be awake for it or know who did what to me. It took a LONG time for him to set it up but...

      I shouldn't have liked any of this. The more time that past after this happened, the more I loved that it happened. Some of the times he videotaped it and some of the times we didn't. I LIKE not knowing who did what to me. I also LIKE watching the video of it, LONG after it happens. Like a year later or so. This lets me meet and the guys get convinced that I'll never know... only eventually I MIGHT.

      My far my favorite times were when I watched the video and found out I know the man or men and the never know that a tape was made, and I finally watched it.

    • Send me the video.

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