I'm not sure

My neighbor is single, younger and better looking than I am. He and I have become friends. Everytime we have drinks together he tries to talk me into sharing my wife. I must admit it arouses me. I just don't know if I can go through with it and I don't know if she would.

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  • I wish your neighbor could hang out with me and my virgin fiancée. I would agree to share her with him, if it leads to him taking her virginity.

  • Don't do it or you'll be on here in a few months crying about how your wife left you for the younger handsome neighbor who it turns out has a big dick and fucks her like she's never been fucked before.

  • Sure, what could possibly go wrong having your YOUNGER, MORE ATTRACTIVE neighbour start banging your wife?

  • Get some booze and all 3 of you share a joint or 2.She'll soon be horny and up for a threesome.

  • Tell her that he thinks she’s hot And he has a little crush on her and tell her you don’t mind and that it’s kind of sexy, you can’t blame him for being attracted to her since she’s so sexy, and tell her “I guess I wouldn’t mind sharing you with him just once, poor guy doesn’t know what he’s missing”
    Before he comes over tell her to act sexy and flirty with him to mess with his head, tell her it’ll be your little inside joke. Tell her to wear something that shows her tits or butt. When she walks away ask him if he noticed her butt or tits, tell him she’s super horny all the time and loves being fucked. Tell him she gives great BJs, and has a really good wet pussy. Show him pics of her naked and ask him what he would do with her, tell him she is open to maybe being shared once, just to try a new guy out for fun.
    Leave it at that. That should rev up both of them and before you know it he will be fucking her better than you ever could and you’ll be helping her move in with him next door and you’ll be all alone.

  • I like to show my close friends and other guys nude pics of my virgin fiancée and ask what they’d do to her.

  • I'm not sure she'll go for it

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